July 2024 upcoming video game releases

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As the summer heat intensifies, so does the lineup of exciting video game releases for July 2024. This month promises a diverse array of titles across various genres, ensuring that there’s something for every type of gamer to enjoy. Whether you’re into strategic management sims, adrenaline-pumping action, or narrative-driven adventures, July’s releases have you covered. Let’s dive into some of the standout games launching this month.

Top video game releases for July 2024

Let’s School

Pathea Games is bringing their beloved management sim, Let’s School, to consoles on 16th July. Known for their previous hits My Time At Portia and My Time At Sandrock, Pathea Games delivers another engaging experience with Let’s School. In this game, players take on the role of a headteacher, tasked with building and managing a school. From constructing buildings and hiring teachers to crafting curriculums and handling student antics, you’ll have full control over your school’s success or failure.

What sets Let’s School apart is its deep level of customization and management. Players can design the school’s layout, choose the subjects taught, and even adopt pets to improve student morale. With its charming graphics and engaging gameplay mechanics, Let’s School is perfect for fans of management sims looking for a new challenge.

Let's School screenshot

Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail

Kicking off the month with a bang, Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail launches on 2nd July for PC, PS4, and PS5. Developed by Square Enix, this expansion introduces a brand-new storyline, expansive new areas, and a plethora of gameplay enhancements. Dawntrail continues the epic saga of the Final Fantasy 14 universe, taking players to the uncharted lands of Tural.

In Dawntrail, players will uncover the secrets of Tural, a region filled with lush jungles, ancient ruins, and mysterious tribes. The expansion promises to deepen the game’s lore with new quests, dungeons, and raids. Additionally, Dawntrail introduces new job classes and a raised level cap, offering fresh gameplay opportunities for both new and veteran players. The stunning visuals and intricate narrative are set to make Dawntrail an unforgettable addition to the Final Fantasy 14 experience.

Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus

Releasing on 17th July for PC, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus is a captivating platformer developed by Squid Shock Studios. This game invites players into a beautifully crafted world inspired by Japanese folklore and art.

Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus follows the journey of Bō, a brave warrior on a quest to restore peace to his homeland. The game features hand-drawn graphics, fluid animations, and a rich, atmospheric soundtrack. Players will navigate intricate levels, solve puzzles, and battle a variety of enemies using Bō’s unique abilities. The game’s art style is reminiscent of traditional Japanese paintings, offering a visually stunning and culturally immersive experience.

Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus July 2024 release screenshot

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

Scheduled for release on 18th July, Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn is an action-packed RPG developed by A44 Games and published by Kepler Interactive. Available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, this game blends fantasy elements with tactical combat and an engaging storyline.

In Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, players step into the shoes of Nor Vanek, a soldier on a mission to reclaim her homeland from the forces of the undead. The game’s combat system combines gunplay, melee attacks, and magic, allowing for dynamic and strategic encounters. The open-world environment is filled with diverse landscapes, from desolate wastelands to bustling cities, each teeming with secrets to discover. Flintlock promises an immersive experience with its detailed world-building and robust character development.

Frostpunk 2

The highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Frostpunk, Frostpunk 2 arrives on PC on 25th July. Developed by 11 bit studios, this survival city-building game takes place in a frozen, post-apocalyptic world where players must manage resources, make tough moral decisions, and ensure the survival of their community.

Frostpunk 2 continues the story of a society struggling to endure in a world engulfed by ice. Players will face new challenges and ethical dilemmas as they explore uncharted territories and expand their city. The sequel introduces advanced technological developments, new building mechanics, and an intricate social system that reflects the harsh realities of survival. With its deep strategic gameplay and hauntingly beautiful visuals, Frostpunk 2 is set to be a compelling addition to the series.

Frostpunk 2 screenshot

Other notable releases for July 2024

In addition to the detailed previews above, July 2024 also brings a host of other exciting game releases. Here’s a quick look at some other titles to watch out for:

  • The First Descendant (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S) – 2nd July 2024
  • Darkest Dungeon 2 (PS5, PS5) – 15th July 2024
  • Eggy Party (Switch) – 19th July 2024
  • F1 Manager 2024 (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S) – 23rd July 2024
  • Weyrdlets (PC) – 23rd July 2024

July 2024 is packed with exciting video game releases, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re diving into the expansive worlds of Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail and Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, exploring the beautiful landscapes of Bō: Path of the Teal Lotus, or tackling the survival challenges in Frostpunk 2, this month promises to deliver unforgettable gaming experiences. Keep an eye on these titles and more as they hit the shelves and digital stores.

To keep up with the latest releases each month, be sure to check out our gaming news section.

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