Edifier S2000 Pro Speakers review

by MaddOx
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So, in an effort to get down with the kids, I decided to do another mini video review for the Edifier S2000 Pro speakers to go alongside this. It’s more of an overview really so you get to see us checking it out, with a more detailed variation found below the video. Any feedback on both is welcome, so if you’d like to see more of something (my cats) or less of something (me) then let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate our viewers.

Build Quality & Design – 4.5/5

When it comes to build quality and design, we’ve become accustomed to high-quality, well-manufactured pieces of kit when Edifier are involved. And there is no exception to that as we got hands-on with the S2000 Pro speakers. A lot heftier than most speakers we’ve had from well, anyone so far, these monitor speakers, which are often used in studios, are absolute beasts.

Measuring a rather large 34.3cm in height and weighing in at a whopping 16kg (8kg per speaker), these bad boys really are quite heavy. Part of the reason for that is because of the wood veneer side panels on either side of the speakers, a marmite feature for some because it tends to be something you either love or hate, never something you find someone on the fence with. Either way, they help make the speaker feel solid and give them a good shape.

The remainder of the speakers has a matte black finish, with mesh covers that have a silver lining that cover the speakers on the front. On the reverse, as can be seen in the video there are input and volume controls on the right speaker and the input from the right to the left on the left-hand side speaker. Above both, you then have the air intake holes for the built-in sub to allow for the punchy bass these speakers produce.

Then quickly underneath, you have four feet on each speaker. They seem to have an anti-slip coating, which when added to the weight of these speakers, does mean they won’t easily slip around. However, it would be nice if the feet height could be adjusted, because quite often you’ll find surfaces aren’t always level around the home, especially in one like mine that is so old.

Edifier S2000 Pro speakers with remote

Audio Quality – 4.9/5

After reviewing the Edifier S350DB bookshelf speakers, I didn’t think I would find any that impressed me as much, but the S2000 Pro blew me away. Normally, monitor speakers like these would be used in a studio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them for the home instead. And with the punch they pack, they are ideal for watching movies, playing games and the main reason you buy speakers, blasting music to prance around your living room with.

The speakers come fitted with a 5.5″ aluminium cone woofer, and roughly 1″ tweeters on either side. And thanks to the way the speakers work, with the built-in equalizers among many other techy bits such as specialist chips and what not, they are able to offer high-quality bass and treble, with low-distortion. Although, it took me pushing the speakers to levels probably not safe for human use before any kind of distortion was noticeable, and even then, it was that loud you couldn’t really tell as you were covering your ears.

You probably will have to mess around with the equalizer settings to get the S2000 Pro performing how you want, but as it has built-in EQ settings, it only takes the push of a couple buttons to find what works best. And in fairness, they’re pretty spot on, where as in the past I’ve had some where you can’t either tell the difference, or it’s that minimal change it’s almost pointless. However, you really do notice the difference watching Movies or smashing bandits in Borderlands on Dynamic, and the instruments/vocals really come to life when you switch between classical and vocal.

S2000 Pro Speaker separate from the whole unit

Functionality – 4.8/5

When it comes to functionality, there isn’t a lot to say except this was the only area I found a flaw really. And it didn’t directly have anything to do with the speakers themselves, which offer a wide range of input methods, in addition to a number of controls for the speaker, all of which can be found on the reverse side.

But yeah, the only flaw I could find wasn’t to do with the speakers but the remote. It had everything you could need on it, and even looked quite fancy with it’s sleek design, but it was over-sized for me personally. All the buttons were located from about three quarters the way up, to half way down the remote. Leaving probably 60% of it blank. I make allowances for the Edifier logo at the top, but if they had made it as compact as the controller I have for my S350DB speakers, I don’t think I’d have found a single issue to complain about really.

The other gripe that some may have, although personally it’s not a big deal, is that these speakers aren’t true wireless. Yes they operate with Bluetooth, and can even connect to your Smart TV (both easy to set up and connect in seconds), however they don’t connect via WiFi, and also, the two speakers need to be connected to both work. Although, to allow you to play around with the set up, there is a 5m cable included that should offer you enough length to space them out.

Check out our video for a little more detail on the reverse side of the S2000 Pro.

S2000 Pro reverse side of the speaker showing inputs and controls

Value for Money – 5/5

Ok, so at roughly £399.95 it almost sounds strange to say these are great value for money. I mean, I could go on holiday for that money. But when compared to competitors models, offering similar output, features and taking into consideration into the design, the S2000 Pro actually offer great value. Not only do they sound great as mentioned, which I’m sure others do too, they actually undercut many other models by over £140 such as the Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors and the AirPulse A100s.

What’s also great about these speakers too, is although yes they could do with adjustable feet, they have feet. Which means they don’t sit flush to the surface which can often absorb sound and cause unwanted vibrations in the audio. Many other models require stands to help prevent this, which is an additional cost on top of the speakers themselves, so although you may find a cheaper model, buying the extra bits and bobs could actually end up costing you more.

S2000 Pro right-hand side speaker

Overall – 4.8/5

I’m not sure what else there is left to say without repeating myself too much, but essentially, Edifier has delivered again. Always seeming to be built to the highest quality, always offering an audio experience that often blows you away, Edifier is creating a range of products that never cease to amaze. Well built, beautifully designed, with astonishing audio quality and offering a range of input methods at a great value price, you won’t be disappointed. I mean, the S2000 Pro has it’s flaws, although extremely minor ones, and probably a little picky of me in all honesty, but if I didn’t find something to complain about, I wouldn’t be a true Brit.

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