Edifier H880 Headphones review

by MaddOx
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We’re quite used to testing the various models of Edifier’s speaker range, but today we’ve got our hands on something a little different. The H880 headphones.

This is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of testing one of Edifier’s more portable sound delivery systems, and believe me, it was a pleasure.


Opening the box to reveal the H880 headphones and I can’t help but think that they have a more clean and simple look than what we may be used to with some of Edifier’s speakers, but they still ooze the quality and style we’ve become accustomed to. With looks to kill and practicality in mind, the headphones come with a smooth rubber coating in a matte black finish which helps protect it from scratches, and aluminum alloy hinges which are
abrasion resistant, meaning they’re excellent for heavy day-to-day use to suit a modern lifestyle.

Design isn’t just about looks though with comfort and practicality also coming into the equation. Normally, I’d moan and moan about leather/leather effect ear cups, and how sweaty they make my ears and how uncomfortable they become after prolonged use, but something about the H880 is different. The ear cups fit snug over my ears, and they stay that way no matter how long I wear them for, with not a single drop of sweat braking out. It could well be down to the weather as much as the design though because it has been a nippy December, but still, I was impressed.

That’s not all as the design further supports the claims of supporting a modern lifestyle with ear cups that fold up, allowing you to pop the headphones in a soft velvety carry bag that comes with them. Meaning they’ll easily store away for you to take with you on your travels, instead of constantly having to wear them around your neck.

Angled view of the H880 Headphones


I’ve played everything through these headphones, from Alter Bridge live at Wembley to Ludovico Einaudi’s I giorni, and believe you me, the quality of the audio was absolutely phenomenal. The 40mm optimised drivers composed of neodymium magnet, suppress the unwanted resonance and deliver crystal clear sound, allowing you to hear music like never before, even at full volume. I was literally noticing things in the background like the little ‘tshh‘ of a cymbal or notes from instruments that are so soft, you wouldn’t normally be able to pick them up on a standard set of headphones like the ones I used to use on my walk to work. But the H880 literally take you to another world.

The only thing that did let them down for me, and it wasn’t even that bad, was the bass. When I saw that Edifier claimed the H880 to have powerful bass I was expecting something more but I felt it under delivered. I’m not saying I thought it would be something quite like their sub that comes with the S350DB speakers, but I didn’t feel like it wowed me as much as the clarity of the audio did. I could hear the instruments trying to create the bas, there was just no oomph to it that has the hairs on your arms standing to attention.

Edifier H880 with the right ear pad dissected, revealing all the inner parts of the headphones ear piece


I have pretty much covered a lot of the functionality already, and I don’t think there is any way I can fault these headphones because they do everything you would need them too. They deliver high-quality audio in a device that’s portable and stylish, whilst also offering accessories to allow you to use them with multiple devices whether it requires a 3.5mm or 1/4″ jack.

It could be said that maybe Bluetooth would have made it more functional, but then you risk losing the quality you get through using a hardwired cable, much like with broadband or using gaming peripherals such as a keyboard or mouse. But to ensure you can use the headphones in numerous situations, Edifier include two cables, one for on-the-go which is a little shorter at 1.2m (still 0.2m longer than most standard cables provided) but has an in-line remote and microphone so you can hook it up to your phone and chat with friends as you walk down the street. The other option is a straight audio cable, measuring a generous 2.5m meaning you’ve got a lot of wiggle room to dance around as you have your tunes pumping.

Front view of the Edifier H880 Headphones


So what will the H880 set you back price-wise? Well, it’s not the cheapest headset retailing at around £85.00, but you may remember last year we reviewed a pair of Mitchell and Johnson GL1 headphones. At the time they were retailing for £199.99, and have since been reduced to £149.99, but at nearly double the cost still of the H880 they come nowhere near the quality of what Edifier have produced. 

And not only is the quality of them fantastic, you get two cables, an in-line which is about 0.2m longer than the average and then a 2.5m cable for when you want to boogie to the beat and need some space. On top of that you also get a 3.5mm to 1/4″ jack adapter and a stylish little carrying case too. You really do get what you pay for with these, and then some.

Ear cup of the H880 Headphones

OVERALL – 4.9/5

Designed with practicality, quality and style in mind, it feels as though during manufacturing neither of these three areas have been compromised on for one another, and that fact may just make the H880 my new favourite headphones. They are so well balanced and do everything you’d want them too to the highest quality, and to think, this is probably one of the most affordable packages I’ve come across from Edifier and yet it feels just as good as some of their speakers that are double the price. They really are something special.

For more information on the Edifier H880 headphones, click HERE to be taken to their official site.

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