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by MaddOx
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The worst thing about gaming on a laptop for me is when you’re on the move and don’t have enough space to use a mouse. You try and make do with the touchpad but it just isn’t the same. I always end up doing something I didn’t mean to and in the en,d it costs me gravely, all thanks to its shoddy responsiveness (and my fat fingers). Fortunately, EasySMX has come to my rescue and have given me a wireless game controller to test out.


In terms of functionality, I can’t fault it really. In the box comes a copy of instructions, the EasySMX wireless controller and a small wireless adapter which links everything up. It’s really easy to set up on any device; my laptop connected right away, my PS3 did need a couple of settings configured at first but nothing too fiddly, and my android box was essentially the same as the PS3.

Once connected, the controller worked flawlessly across all systems; there was no cutting out or lack of response at any point during use. Even walking around the room I experienced no problems, and although I didn’t measure the full distance, I’d say they’re probably spot on with their 10M range. The vibration worked well on the games that supported it too, but it wasn’t available across all games.

Due to the basic layout being the same as most standard controllers, there was no need to switch buttons around unless you wanted too, and even then it was simple to do. Just go into the game settings, head for controller options and change up the buttons how you want. This may not be the case in every game, but the ones I tested it on worked fine.

The only let down was the battery pack; it would have been much more preferable to have a rechargeable one. Not only would this save the user money in the long run, but it means a micro-USB slot could have been added to the top of the controller allowing you to not only charge the device but allow plug and play as well. Instead, I’ve ended up spending extra to take trips down the local pound shop to keep replacing batteries (yes I know, I should just buy rechargeable ones).

EasySMX Wireless Controller opened box showing an Xbox 360 controller with wireless USB adapter


Comfort is definitely one of the areas where EasySMX have made improvements to the standard 360 controllers. Not only have they added what I personally think are better thumb grips on the analogue sticks, but they’ve also installed rubber patches on either side of the controller. This not only makes the controller more comfortable to hold but provides better grip too. So, during those tense gaming sessions where everything is on the line, those real life or death situations, when your palms get sweaty the rubber helps keep friction to ensure you don’t lose grip during the game.

Apart from that, the controller is pretty much standard everywhere else. All the buttons are easily accessible when holding, no strain needed to be pulling triggers etc.


In terms of build quality, the controller is essentially the same as the 360 model. There have been the additions of the grips on the side and some modifications to thumb sticks and buttons to change the style a little, but essentially it’s all standard stuff.

There are a couple of negatives to mention though but nothing too major. The first is the rubber grips on the sides; for now, they work great, but I have used things like Trigger Treadz in the past and these seem very similar, so I expect after frequent heavy use, the pads may begin to peel off. The other area is the plastic for the battery pack, it doesn’t seem to offer batteries much protection and feels very lightweight and flimsy. As stated above, it would be much better to have equipped the controller with a rechargeable pack and have included the plug and play feature with a charge port. Still, I can’t complain much otherwise.

EasySMX Wireless Controller out of box showing an Xbox 360 controller with wireless USB adapter and battery pack


Currently available on Amazon for £15.99, I believe this is excellent value for money. You’re not just getting a wireless game controller, you’re getting an EasySMX customised 2.4g wireless gaming controller. With the inclusion of a turbo button, performance grips on the sides and a slightly modded design it’s ideal whether you need one hook it up to your PC, PS3 or your android box. I’d advise stocking up on batteries though as depending on what games you play and how much you use the controllers, they do drain pretty quick. Saying that I am buying cheap ones, and probably should just purchase a pack of rechargeable ones myself.

EasySMX Game Controller Overall Score: 4.5/5

Overall the EasySMX controller does what it’s been designed to; work flawlessly with different systems to provide an alternative way of playing games. It really is great value for money compared to a lot of the more expensive options out there. Plus being a console gamer, I much prefer having a controller like this to play games on PC rather than a mouse and keyboard, but part of that is to reduce the risk of mistakes my fat fingers make. There could be improvements made with the device, but what product doesn’t have its small flaws, we all have them if we’re honest. A solid rating for me though and definitely worth checking out.

The EasySMX controller is available through their store on Amazon, if you fancy checking their stuff out for yourself then click HERE. You can also find more of our hardware reviews HERE.

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