EasySMX iPhone 6/6S case review

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It’s time to review the EasySMX iPhone 6/6S case.

iPhone 6/6S case SECURITY

The case fits snugly around the phone, providing complete and total coverage. It’s actually a lot more secure than it initially seems, the only real weak point is the diamond-shaped window on the back intended to show off the Apple logo – so in the frequent event that an Android user screams and tries to stake it through the heart you might be left wanting.

For everything else, though, the case is pretty solid. My usual stress testing procedures (devil-summoning rituals, secret super-soldier experiments… throwing at a wall repeatedly) left barely a dent in the plastic. I even went above and beyond, dropping the case in one of Cornwall’s finest puddles of rain water, cider, and pasty juice, and gadzooks, the bloody thing’s innards were bone dry.

I was, of course, sick a few moments later but I’m sure that was down to the heady stench of day-old scrumpy and not outrage at the fantastic job the case was doing.

EasySMX iPhone 6/6s Phone Case in water

iPhone 6/6S case INSTALLATION

The wrap-around case is opened up via a few flat head screws on the back. A tool is supplied to crack it open and the instructions provided are fairly straight forward. They are, however, in slightly broken English, and one stage of the instructions sort of indicates that you have to submerge the phone in water as part of the installation process.

Naturally, as a TV-watching, government-fearing peon, I instantly followed the garbled command and now my phone is deeper in the ocean than Theresa May’s luxury nuclear fallout bunker. Slightly confusing instructions aside, you can have your phone swaddled in comfort and safety in a little under four minutes.

If only you could be this happy!

iPhone 6/6S case BUILD QUALITY

Whether or not these cover-all cases appeal to your sense of aesthetic, they’re pretty solid. Parts do feel a little cheap – the rough texturing around the edges is functional for firm grip but deeply reminiscent of a Poundland children’s toy. The built-in screen protector, whilst sturdy, picks up scratches fairly quickly. I think the iPhone 6 screen itself would probably do a better job of fending off marks, but hey – it does the job, it just might not look quite as nice doing it.

My day job involves working with a lot of second hand iPhones, usually kept in cheap cases that have done more harm than good – this one ticks the boxes of security and low – price point in exchange for some slightly tacky feeling materials. A good buy, if you want solid protection and aren’t overly concerned about how your phone looks or feels in the process.

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