Most Prominent Dota 2 Tournaments To Keep Track Off In 2022

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As you know, all Dota 2 tournaments held last year were held under the shadow of the Covid-19 epidemic. Although we watched a series of tournaments without fans and enthusiasm, we witnessed fierce competition. So, what awaits Dota 2 in the future? Let’s take a look at the details of the upcoming tournaments.

Every year, dozens of tournaments are held for Dota 2. These tournaments are designed to maximize the competitiveness of players and teams, often with prize pools of thousands of dollars. The most important of these is The International XI, which requires a long adventure.

Teams wishing to participate in this huge prize-winning tournament must emerge victorious from the regional leagues and compete with the champions of all regions. Let’s take a closer look at the series of tournaments stretching back to The International and take a look at what tournaments await the Dota 2 fans and players in 2022.

Dota Pro Circuit Tournaments Tour 1 (November 29 – January 9)

The DPC League consists of 6 regions in total and is making its final with the last major one series. Each region has its own unique tournament maker. And these producers determine all the details of the tournaments. At the same time, these tournaments have a total prize pool of $280,000.

Dota Pro Circuit header

It is one of the Eastern Europe DPC leagues played in the past weeks and continuing. There are teams in this DPC league that we would call almost an early final. Especially if you are knowledgeable about Dota 2 betting, you can enjoy the high-level rivalries in Division 1 of NAVI, Virtus.Pro, PuckChamp, HellRaisers, and The International 2021’s World champion Team Spirit.

  • DPC WEU Dream League Tour 1 (Europe)
  • DPC EEU EPIC Esports Tour 1 (CIS)
  • DPC CN Tour 1: (China)
  • DPC SEA BTS Tour 1 (Southeast Asia)
  • DPC NA ESL Tour 1 (US East)
  • DPC SA 4D Esports Tour 1 (South America)
  • DPC 2022 Major 1 – Prize Pool: $500,000 (February 17, 2022)

Dota Pro Circuit Tournaments Tour 2 (March 14 – April 24)

It is the second important tournament on the way to the International 11 stages, which is expected to start in the coming months. This tournament, like Tour 1, will result in the Major 2 final.

  • Dream League DPC EU Tour 2
  • EPIC Esports DPC CIS Tour 2
  • Perfect World DPC CN Tour 2
  • 4D Esports DPC SA Tour 2
  • ESL One DPC NA Tour 2
  • BTS DPC SEA Tour 2
  • DPC 2022 Major 2 – Prize Pool: $500,000 (May 11 – May 21 2022)

Dota Pro Circuit Tournaments Tour 3 (June 6 – July 17)

The last exit before The International XI is DPC Tour 3. All teams will try to be among the top twelve teams with the points they have achieved by using all their skills. If they can accomplish this, they will qualify for Dota 2 The International 2022. All leagues in DPC Tour 3 start on different days and conclude on the same day unless there is a setback.

  • Dream League DPC EU Tour 3
  • 4D Esports DPC SA Tour 3
  • EPIC Esports DPC CIS Tour 3
  • BTS DPC SEA Tour 3
  • Perfect World DPC CN Tour 3
  • ESL One DPC NA Tour 3
  • DPC 2022 Major 3 – Prize Pool: $500,000 (August 04 – 14 2022)

The Most Valuable Tournament of Dota 2 – The International XI 2022

Last year’s Dota 2 Tournaments had a more than $60 million prize pool. The highest is The International 10, with a massive prize pool of $40,000,000. This is the biggest prize in Dota 2 history. However, this record is expected to be broken again in 2022.

The International Dota 2 Championships header

Dota 2 not only broke its record but made history as one of the largest prize pools in the esports industry. In addition, large prize pools bring fierce competition after them. Thus, why Dota 2 betting has become such a big part of the esports scene. Those eager to follow the tournaments can check out the current matches being played in Dota 2 here.

If you are a fan of Dota 2 tournaments, you can quickly learn which teams you can bet on. Because by following such tournaments, you can get to know the players and teams closely, and thanks to the detailed information you get, you can be one step ahead. Esports offers a variety of opportunities to make money. And Dota 2 betting is one of them.

Dota 2 Asian Games 2022

It is a continental event where eSports players from all over the Asian continent gather with their teams. At the same time, this event is considered by the International Olympic Committee as the second-largest multi-sport event in the world.

Dota 2 China vs Korea at the 2018 Asian Games Esports demonstration event

This event is held every four years, just like the Olympics. This tournament has been determined by the Asian Olympic Committee and will only host the competition of national teams participating from Asia. At the same time, this event can be a good opportunity for many players in Asia to show themselves. The 2022 Asian games are scheduled for September 10-25.

Other Minor Dota 2 Events

Of course, the adventure of Dota 2 Tournaments does not end there. There are many Dota 2 tournaments expected to be held in 2022.

Here are the other tournaments organized by various organizers with different prize pools;

  • D2CL 2021 S6 – Prize Pool $50,500 (December 06)
  • Asia New Star Cup – Prize Pool $25,000 (December 20)
  • HDI Winter 2021 – Prize Pool $157,081 (December 23)
  • QH Sports S3 – Prize Pool $15,000 (January 03, 2022)
  • IWO Beijing – Prize Pool $300,000 (January 19, 2022)


In this article, we talked about the upcoming and most important tournaments of Dota 2, one of the biggest trends in Esport gaming. You can also watch these tournaments live and experience the excitement one-to-one.

If you have any questions or want to add something, do not hesitate to consult us.

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