Biggest trends in esports gaming

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The esports industry is growing fast. You don’t have to be a 12-year-old twitch streamer to get involved either. You just have to be the best at your favourite game. If you’re thinking about getting involved with esports, here are the biggest industry trends. 

Competitive console gaming 

The industry is coming to the world of console gaming. MLG will start streaming on Twitch, which is already the biggest platform. You can expect more and more organisations representing different games to move into this space as well. This means that PlayStation and Xbox gamers alike will soon have a place where they can compete against each other.

The biggest trends in esports gaming are moving towards console platforms. Consoles were once considered to be a secondary platform for gamers and many still consider them that way, but the fact is that console games represent almost half of all video game playing time and nearly three-quarters of total revenue from video games sales.

Bigger prize funds

Prize funds are normally only considered in esports covering games like League of Legends and DOTA, but as more and more top organisations move into other games, this will begin to change. Prize money is growing in size from game to game.

Esports setup

Augmented Reality (AR)

Mainstream companies are getting in on the augmented reality trend. Brands like Coca-Cola, Marriott and Audi have all applied entertainment to their marketing by creating AR experiences for mobile devices or for events. This trend is mirrored in esports.

Much like its close relative virtual reality (VR), AR creates a digital overlay on the real world, but in this case, it is often designed to be much more subtle. This allows gamers to integrate their digital lives and physical environment seamlessly. This trend will only continue as more and more developers create games that are based in the real world and VR setups become cheaper.

The rise in online gambling

Another huge phenomenon in esports gaming is online gambling, especially on the growing market of fantasy betting. This trend is predicted to continue, especially given the success of new sites like Unikrn. Real money slots have a big advantage over traditional casino-based betting because they are more interactive. Esports fans can bet on individual rounds or moments during their favourite games rather than just winning or losing based on how well their team does overall.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team member racing

Increased audiences and engagement on mobile

Esports fans are not just limited to PCs or consoles. Mobile games have their own fan bases and tournaments, and this trend is expected to continue. Esports enthusiasts have shown they will watch games on any platform, which bodes very well for mobile platforms. 

The future of smart device esports gaming is bright, especially as developers create more streamlined esports games that are easy to play but also fun and competitive.

Increased audiences and engagement on consoles

Just as PC and mobile gaming are sharing their audiences, the same is true for console platforms. Esports has gone beyond just being played on consoles; it is now watched en masse. Because there are more games available than ever before, this trend should continue to rise in the coming years. As the audience expands, so too will the fan base and revenue from tournaments.

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