Australian eSports events: Budding pro gamers get a chance to shine

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Australia’s push to become a major player on the global eSports stage is gathering pace, with the country hosting a series of showcase events.

The United States, Europe and Asia have traditionally been hotbeds for eSports, but the landscape has shifted quite significantly in recent times. With the eSports sector striving to become a fully-fledged member of the Olympic Movement, Australia is understandably eager to jump on the bandwagon.

With that in mind, we look at how a new wave of professional gamers are being handed the opportunity to showcase their talents at Australian eSports events.

PAX Australia 2023 set to host National Championships

The best exponents of Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will have the chance to compete for national glory at the prestigious PAX Australia 2023 event on October 8.

Nintendo Australia recently launched a series of online qualifiers designed to identify the top players and teams to compete at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Splatoon 3 competitors will be determined through Turf War and Anarchy Battle modes, with elimination brackets used to whittle the field down to the finalists. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe champions will compete in 150cc Race Mode with normal items across several courses, with 12 racers making it through to the Live Finals.

With big brands sponsoring the event and broadcasters failing over themselves to publicise eSports, PAX Australia presents an exciting opportunity for budding professional gamers. Selected online sportsbook operators will be offering odds on the tournaments, further heightening global interest in Australian eSports.

Some of the best betting apps in Australia already offer extensive coverage of eSports and their link-up with the industry will undoubtedly help to drive it forward.

Comparison websites will likely see a spike in traffic when the finals are staged, as they provide punters with trusted reviews about the best places to wager on eSports. Several betting brands have forged strong sponsorship links with eSports in other jurisdictions and Australia looks set to benefit massively from their interest.

PAX Australia 2023 poster

Rising eSports star hits the heights in Queensland

The recent Motorsport Australia Queensland eSports State Championship finals saw 12 budding racers compete in the inaugural event.

Staged at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Garden Point campus, the new event was backed by Next Level Racing and the Queensland State Government. Australia Motorsport president Andrew Fraser and Olympic gold medallist Emily Rosemond were among the distinguished guests in attendance. Eight drivers earned their spot by progressing through a qualifying period, while another were selected by Next Level Racing and QUT.

The exciting elimination format consisted of three stages, the first of which saw the 12 talented drivers split into three groups. They raced for five hot laps around the Mount Panorama Circuit, with the fastest eight drivers advancing to the semi-finals which consisted of two groups of four. They completed a five-lap race on the circuit which whittled the field down to four, who then contested a thrilling ten-lap race around the same course.

Youngster Kody Deith took the chequered flag to scoop a big portion of the prize pool and cement his status as one of Australia’s most promising eSports stars. The finals, which were broadcast live on Motorsport Australia’s YouTube channel, are expected to become a permanent fixture in the annual eSports calendar in Australia.

QLD Esports State Championship a big success

Universities embark on Rocket League battle

A group of Australia’s leading universities have embarked on an eSports challenge to find the best exponents of Rocket League in the country.

The Australian National University, University of Sydney, University of Newcastle and University of Western Australia are aiming to showcase their prowess in eSports. Griffith University, RMIT University, UNSW and Macquarie University have also signed up to take part in the prestigious multi-week tournament.

The event is the latest edition of the Australian eSports University League (AEL), which provides a platform for future stars to hone their talents.

In addition to the competitive element, the AEL also provides opportunities to learn valuable broadcast, analysis and commentary skills. The AEL publishes live updates and highlights via social media, helping to spread the word about the next generation of professional gamers.

The group phase of the competition is structured as a best-of-five, with teams battling to progress to the play-off stage in October. Post-season matches are best-of-seven, with the top teams from the group stage battling to emerge victorious over a two-week period.

With cash prizes up for grabs for the top three teams and future eSports opportunities guaranteed, the AEL is the perfect place for eSports players to climb onto the professional ladder.

Australian eSports University League competition

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