Best AWP Ever — AWP Dragon Lore

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One of the most powerful and impressive weapons in CS:GO is the mighty AWP. It lets you destroy an enemy with a single shot, whatever the armour they are wearing. If you want to execute the ‘one-shot — one kill’ policy in style, upgrade your rifle to one of the most beautiful skins this game has ever seen — Dragon Lore.

This impressive design first appeared in CS:GO in 2014. It is part of the Cobblestone Collection, which was released when Operation Breakout started. Today, AWP Dragon Lore is one of the most prized possessions for true fans of the game.

CS:GO AWP Dragon Lore

The Appearance of the Skin

Make your character stand out with this eye-catching AWP design. The body of the rifle is embellished with an image of a dragon spitting fire and Celtic elements on top of it. A checkered pattern covers the scope, the front side of the barrel, and the rear part of the buttstock. The colour palette is limited to black and green. The pattern index does not have any influence on appearance. The quality class is Covert, and there is also a souvenir option. 

You can buy Dragon Lore in all conditions. As long as it is Factory New, you will not see any abrasions. They appear on the buttstock and handguard of Minimal Wear skins and gradually increase in size and number.

Overview of Prices

Dragon Lore is not only extremely popular but also expensive and rare. A Factory New weapon may cost as much as $16,800. You can get a Battle-Scarred AWP for around $4,300. The souvenir editions are over four times more expensive, with prices ranging from between $68,700 and $17,500. 

How to Save Money

As of the time of writing, some of the best rates can be found on DMarket. For example, a Battle-Scarred skin costs just over $2,600, and a Factory New one is priced at $11,000. If you want to save money, monitor the price dynamics closely. Since January 2021, the value has continued growing, although it has dropped by around $100 a few times. And if you’re new to CS:GO and need help finding your way, check out our post here for five reasons why you should play.

CS:GO AWP Dragon Lore

Where to Buy 

AWP Dragon Lore is available on Steam, but Valve’s marketplace is a closed-loop system without the ability to withdraw. What’s more, it does not usually offer the most competitive prices. This makes third-party platforms increasingly popular. For example, DMarket will still connect you to your Steam account, but you can make huge savings by buying from its users or bots.

This alternative blockchain-based market features over 1 million skins and boasts 10 million+ closed deals. It has a high rating on Trustpilot and complies with KYC requirements. Users can choose from a variety of payment methods for convenient withdrawals. This platform is ideal for players who want to monetize their assets in CS:GO, not only buy new skins.

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