Rocket League transfer talk: Confirmations and rumours ahead of 2024

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The Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) season recently came to a close with Vitality closing out the last few months of the season taking all of the gold. Winning 3 regionals, a Major LAN and World Championships all in the space of 3 months! A clean sweep on a split has never been done, never mind topping it off with a Worlds win!

It’s safe to say that the debut season of Zen has gone completely above all expectations and he has lived up to every ounce of hype, constantly hitting clip after clip on the greatest players in the game, on the biggest stage of them all.

Vitality lifting another RLCS trophy

Psyonix confirmed recently however that the RLCS would not be returning until 2024, they are however funding other smaller tournaments. But, the end of one season and the delay of another gives organisations and players plenty of time to finalise their rosters before the new season, so today we’re going to be taking a look at some of the biggest transfer news and rumours and giving our thoughts on some of the new proposed rosters. Starting with some huge news coming out of North America regarding one of the biggest orgs in Rocket League.

Rocket League transfer talk: North America

NRG started their transition into a new age before the Rocket League Spring Split Major, on June 30th they let go of their coach EPICJonny who replaced Sizz in October 2022. Following this Squishy was released, allowing him to look for a new opportunity, this was on July 5th and most recently, the man, the myth, the legend, Jstn. left the roster on September 5th. The only player registered to the NRG roster right now is GarrettG.

NRG have openly admitted they don’t wish to leave Rocket League, however, they are exploring their options before committing to anything concrete. Will Captain America, GarrettG still be with NRG by the time the season starts? Will NRG even be a North American roster by then? That remains to be seen!

NRG exclusive Rocket League skin and wheels

Next up is another big news story from North America. For those who don’t know, Chicago, a long-time representative of G2, found himself released. He joined the org in July 2018, after 5 long and mostly successful years playing Rocket League, he is now free to explore other options. What wasn’t confirmed however was who would be representing G2 in the coming season, it appears now as if G2 is also letting go of JKnapps, meaning Atomic is left with coach Satthew, but who will be joining them?

WELL, rumour has it that G2 is making an outrageously big move for Daniel and Beastmode from Version1. Version1 are currently in Limbo, it hasn’t been announced whether they’re leaving the game yet, but they have released coach Fireburner and Comm, if the rumours of Daniel and Beastmode joining G2 are true then V1 will have to look for an entirely new roster moving into 2024!

With those big stories coming out of North America it will be interesting to see how things go next season, while many will predict Vitality to reign supreme in Europe again, North America is likely a clean slate that anyone can claim the top spot in competitive Rocket League.

Once all the rosters are finalised, you can keep up with live odds as the season moves on through some of the experts given there are plenty of legal online gambling outfits that now offer odds on Rocket League as well as plenty of other eSports. It’s safe to say a roster of Atomic/Beastmode/Daniel would be dangerous to compete against for North America so keep your eyes out for odds on G2 once the season starts!

Atomic G2 RLCS player sat playing at an event

Rocket League transfer talk: Europe

Time for some European Transfer news with the first news coming out of Karmine Corp. Recently KC hosted a tournament called Karmine Corp Vs The World, where they played 5 different games, pitting their teams against the best in the world in their field. For Rocket League they played G2 where they lost in game 7 overtime.

Anyway, after the game, knowing they had already been removed from the roster, Itachi, ExoTIIK and Eversax were given opportunities to say goodbye to the KC ultras and it was an incredibly emotional farewell, even Vatira was in tears saying goodbye to his teammates. But now the question remains, who will Vati be playing with next? Rumours have been kicking around that they’ll be picking up Rise who is technically a free agent after his contract with BDS expired and Atow from Team Liquid, but none of this is confirmed yet!

Finally, big news coming out of Team BDS as coach mew has been given the freedom to explore options and Seikoo has been removed from the starting roster, he will also be given permission to explore other options. Extra is still technically listed as a sub but BDS are appearing to be rebuilding their Rocket League team around M0nkey_M00n. The release of Seikoo is an interesting one for me as he’s an incredible talent, but I suppose you don’t really know how things are going behind the scenes. It’s safe to say however that BDS will be focusing on finding French talent to gel with M0nkey_M00n.

M0nkey M00n, member of Team BDS in the RLCS

So, for the time being, that’s our roundup of Rocket League transfer news and rumours, there are going to be plenty of changes between now and the start of the 2024 season which as of yet is unconfirmed. However, we will have plenty of tournaments to keep our eyes on which will likely see plenty of shuffled-up rosters with people trialling new members. There’ll be plenty of brand new rosters to see too who will be hoping to pick up orgs for the coming season! I can’t wait for the new season to start personally, here’s hoping we can attend a LAN or 2!

For even more esports coverage, be should to head over to our esports news section.

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