Many years ago, no one would have thought about the prospect that you could make money while playing your favourite games. Today, eSports has made it a possibility for players to make money through various means, one of which includes betting on eSports outcomes. There are eSports betting sites, which are similar to regular betting sites where you can bet on your favourite sports. These betting sites offer you the opportunity of making money while enjoying your favourite games. 

A lot of people are already making money in eSports, and you can also be a part of them by doing any of the following steps.

Go pro

Becoming a professional eSports player is one of the most apparent ways of making money from eSports. However, it is also a very challenging task, as you will have to go through some rigorous activities before you can start enjoying the benefits of being a professional player. To do this, you have to pick a game to go pro in, preferably one you’re good at, create a team and compete in several leagues at the lower levels. You can only climb up the ladder to higher leagues if you are good enough to be noticed. 

You can also choose to go solo while competing in the lower-level leagues, and when you begin to attract enough attention, you may get signed by an established team. 

Esports setup

However, to become a pro, you need to work hard. You may have to dedicate all your time and effort to just one game and ensure that you become an expert at it. This process will require hours of training, dedication to developing mental and physical fitness, and improving team strategies. 

When you eventually become a pro, you can make money when an established team signs you, as they will have to pay you subsequently. For solo players, you can make money through sponsorship deals and winning cash prizes from competitions such as the RLCS Fall Major


Video game streaming has also grown to be a lucrative activity in recent times. When you are professional enough to entertain people with your game, you can make money by streaming your games on popular streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. This process also requires a lot of dedication, as you will have to build your viewership to a considerable number before you start making money off it. 

The primary tip that can help increase your viewership is creating a unique style of play that will attract people’s attention. You can do this by adding humour to your videos, offering advice and tips to people willing to learn, providing insight, and adding some other strategies. If you create this special bond with your viewers, they may even send you money in the form of tips to show gratitude. 

Professional Streaming Setup with mic, keyboard, headset, monitor and PC


This is a pretty straightforward option for eSports players and non-players. If you are a professional eSports player and confident in your skills, you can always bet on yourself. If you only enjoy watching eSports and can’t participate, you can also earn money from it by placing a bet on your favourite players or a player you are confident of his victory. 

Several eSports betting sites are available on the Internet, which makes it easy to place your bet and make money from the games you love to watch.

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