Hey everyone – no self-deprecating jokes or cartoon references today.

Just a little something our band of misfits wanted to put across moving forward.

We aren’t a typical games site/blog (honestly not sure which category we fall into at this point). We’re not a constant news outlet, and we tend to be informal and sweary in a lot of our content. We aren’t for everyone, but that’s fine. We also write about some unusual subjects and in terms of tone we’re probably closer to a certain massive blog network that shall rename nameless than I’d like, but that’s who we are.

As outlined recently in our Getting a Life feature games are, for some of us, a welcome escape from a big, bad world. All we’re looking to do here is encourage connection and discussion between anyone that wants to get involved. The best way we can do that is learning by doing and reaching out with the tools we have. We hope you’ll let us know where we can do better (you can find all our information in the contact page) and what you want from what we can offer. We’re going to be focusing a lot on talking about subjects that are difficult to broach in the hopes that it gets easier within the larger gaming community that can be hostile and unwelcoming at times – but also the best goddamn place to be, and for some of us, the only place we feel at home.

With that in mind from here on out please know we’ll always do the best with what we can, and we’re always grateful for the people that take the time to reach out to us, retweet our stuff, and provide the criticism we need to build.

We want to get better together. It’s so easy to burn bridges in this day and age. Let’s build a few, so we can all continue, as a whole, to do what we love and get the word out about awesome people and cool games. When we can’t give you what you need we want to be damn sure we can put you in touch with people who can. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Love, as always, from FULLSYNC.

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