The impact of digital influencers in gaming

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FULLSYNC turned three years old in December. It has been one hell of a ride so far, which has included plenty of ups and downs along the way. And it is amazing to see how things have changed in just the short space of time since we started up. One reason why is because of digital influencers.

Now you might be thinking, what is a digital influencer? Well, they’re not new really, you’ve probably seen them and not even noticed before. They’re essentially people or organisations who will be paid, whether it be by cash or gifts, to promote products on their social media and networking sites in return. Attempting to influence the way you think and shop.

You could argue that is the case with reviews like the ones you find on our site. Because yes, we do get a majority of items for free, but there are some we don’t as well. At FULLSYNC though we pride ourselves on honesty, and that’s why no matter how much we love getting free stuff to test out, we give our honest opinions. But they are just that. Opinions. And for a lot of people likes and dislikes will differ.

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Streaming Platforms used by Digital Influencers

It might be the case that we berate a game, but someone else could love it. And vice versa. We’re never overly mean about stuff though because a lot of hard work goes into these projects by the people behind them, and we recognise that. So if we do score something badly, it’s usually constructive in the feedback as to why we scored it the way we did so the folks behind it all can use what we’ve mentioned, improving things for the future.

But it’s not just sites like ours now that showcase certain content. You have a whole host of platforms that are used by digital influencers and especially in gaming. Sites like Keymailer and Terminals, for example, will offer people codes for free games to play, as long as they stream them on their Twitch channels, which is arguably the biggest of all the streaming networks. Not surprising when you realise it is owned by Amazon.

But Twitch isn’t the only platform. Their main rival is Mixer which is owned by Microsoft and has been doing pretty well. Last year they even managed to pull some of the biggest streamers from their rival, including one of their top earners, Ninja. And you also have smaller sites too like DLive who aim to do things a little differently to the big boys. All platforms have one thing in common though, they all get used by digital influencers.

You may not even realise that your favourite streamers are digital influencers. They might not either. But you see that lovely branded chair they’re sitting on? Even if it wasn’t free, now you want one too because they constantly say how comfy it is. Or what about that gamer energy drink they’re always slurping on? The one they can get you discount on? Probably affiliate marketing. It’s all influencing your decisions via digital platforms.

It isn’t just individuals that showcase the games though, promoting it to their audiences. The streaming platforms themselves also have deals with specific games. You won’t normally be restricted from streaming a game on the different platforms, but normally there will be in-game rewards available if you link it to their platform. Plus, some sites will normally get rights for streaming official esports tournaments for a specific.

Streaming as a digital influencer

“I want to be one too”

I can already hear the cogs turning in your mind. You want a slice of the action too right? But how do you go about getting into it yourself? Is streaming even a viable career nowadays? Well, that last question is probably a discussion for another day.

There are numerous ways to get into becoming digital influencers. A good place to start is to find yourself a good supportive community. They’ll be there to support you and you’ll support them too. They’ll also be great places to get advice. But research things first, some places can be quite toxic.

The other key things to remember is to produce good, engaging content and develop an audience. The two kind of go hand in hand. The better your content, the more people are likely to watch you. The more people who watch you can sometimes encourage you to produce better content and will also make it more engaging as there is more chatter going on.

But don’t worry if it doesn’t take off right away, Rome wasn’t built in a day after all. Just make sure you’re doing what you’re doing because you enjoy it. No point in making yourself miserable.

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