As some of you may have seen, we’ve had a little tidy up and the sports and entertainment section has gone from the website. This isn’t to say it won’t ever be coming back, but as we weren’t really contributing anything to it, we thought we’d focus on what Full Sync was originally set up for, writing quality content about gaming and tech.

As well as tidying up our menus, we’re also looking into giving the site a bit of a facelift. We’ve checked out a few different designs, and I think we’re close to agreeing on one that we all like. We’re not sure exactly when we’ll implement it, but we’ll be sure to let you know when we do, and who knows, we may even have a giveaway to celebrate the occasion.

In terms of other developments, we’ve got plenty of things in the pipeline which we think you’ll all enjoy, and without spoiling too many surprises, you should keep your eyes peeled for things such as Full Sync featuring on some podcasts, new content from new faces and hopefully, more video-based reviews and interviews.

But for now, we’ll just be cracking on with what we’ve been doing, delivering you great daily content that comes in all different shapes and sizes.

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