When do I unlock the paraglider in Tears of the Kingdom?

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The paraglider was an absolutely vital tool in Breath of the Wild, allowing players to glide from great heights, travel through the air, and break fatal falls. It was granted as a means of escape from the Great Plateau, Link’s tutorial map back in the game’s 2017 entry. This time, Link’s a bit more casual about his adventures in the sky – so much of Tears of the Kingdom‘s map relies on vertical exploration.

We don’t exit the tutorial map this time with a paraglider – we exit it with a dramatic free-fall, and for a little while it seems like the paraglider is nowhere to be found. We know it’s there, along with the wingsuits we’ve spotted in the trailers, but just when does it grace our inventories?

You’ve already beaten the game’s first shrines. You’re back in Hyrule and ready to soar through the air like an eagle. Don’t get too stressed out about it, because you’re just a few short quests away from getting the paraglider.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom paraglider

How do I unlock the paraglider?

The paraglider will be automatically given to you at a very early point in the main questline. All you need to do to get it is follow the quests. You need to complete the game’s first four Shrine challenges and exit the tutorial map in order to acquire the paraglider.

Once you leap off the Great Sky Isle, simply follow the main quest marker for a short time until it leads you to Purah, who looks… a little different.

Purah will send you on another brief errand – this simply involves walking to the First Gatehouse of Hyrule Castle, a short distance away – and when you return she’ll instruct you on the use of Sky Towers. These are TtoK’s version of those classic map-revealing towers open-world games build their exploration around.

These aren’t particularly game-changing in any way, but in order to use them, you have to employ a paraglider – and it just so happens Link’s the only one skilled enough to use them. Purah will give Link the paraglider and instruct him on the use of Sky Towers.

Use the Sky Tower and Link will be catapulted into the sky to survey the surrounding area, automatically revealing the map. Make use of the paraglider to get back to solid ground safely! With that, you’re permanently reunited with the paraglider, which brings an end to this guide.

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom getting the paraglider

Thanks for reading our Tears of the Kingdom: Where do I find the paraglider? guide. We hope this classic returning tool helps you reach new heights – or return to safer ones – in Link’s latest adventure. We’ll be bringing you more guides and quick tips over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Hungry for help right now? Why not join our Discord server to ask our assembled crew of layabouts and miscreants what to do next?

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