How to beat the Ukouh Shrine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Alright nerds, Tears of the Kingdom is finally here, and you’ve obviously managed to tear yourself away from it for long enough to type “How to beat the Ukouh Shrine in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” into Google and find yourself on this website.

TotK equips Link with a full new suite of unique abilities to tackle its many challenges, and much like Breath of the Wild, essentially throws all of these abilities at you at once. This time we’re dealing with the very first challenge – the Ukouh Shrine and the Ultrahand ability it holds within.

The Ultrahand ability is absolutely instrumental to Tears of the Kingdom, and it will play a key role in progressing to the next shrine, which grants you the power to fuse weapons. So read on to find out how to beat the Ukouh Shrine and grab that power sharpish.

Where to find the Ukouh Shrine

Ukouh Shrine Map location
The Ukouh Shrine is pretty hard to miss – it’s located right next to the Temple of Time and the game makes sure you have an easy time finding it.

You can’t miss the Ukouh Shrine. The game will corrall you towards it as a priority. Getting there isn’t an issue – you just have to complete a simple climb. Once you’ve reached the map location just watch the short cutscene and get inside. Once you’ve entered the Ukouh Shrine, Rauru will grant you your very first new power – Ultrahand.

Ultrahand allows you to manipulate objects in the environment, telekinesis style, and even attach them together. This is a really awesome part of TtoK’s new traversal systems, and you’ll have a lot of fun with it.

How to beat the Ukouh Shrine

Once inside the shrine you’ll have to make quick use of the Ultrahand power. This is essentially a tutorial built to familiarise you with Ultrahand, so don’t expect anything too strenous! The shrine is a series of chasms you’ll have to cross to escape. First, tap L to activate Ultrahand. Objects that glow green can be manipulated with Ultrahand, so grab this handy panel and lay it across the first gap to cross.

Ukouh Shrine  puzzle solution

Congratulations – you’ve crossed that incredibly small gap with relative ease. But wait, this next one isn’t going to be so straightforward. You’ll need to attach three panels together to cross. Grab the two on the platform and lay them down.

Ukouh Shrine puzzle 2

Attaching is easy – just bring an item close to another with Ultrahand, line them up and hit that A button. With two platforms, our makeshift bridge is still too short, so grab the one lying over the previous gap too.

Alternatively, you can just attach them lengthways, but then you don’t get that valuable extra panel of practice with Ultrahand, eh?

Ukouh Shrine puzzle 3

Once your bridge is completed – in either configuration – just use Ultrahand to lay it across the gap. Boom. One more gap down. But what’s this?

Ukouh Shrine 4

We’re not getting across this gap like the last one. Grab the big wooden panel and lay it down by the rail. Note the hook lying on the ground by it.

Grab the hook with Ultrahand and stack it on top of the panel like so. Remember to attach it.

Attach your new bizarre construct to the rail and hop on quickly. You’ll now be able to ride the rail across the gap, completing the Ukouh Shrine.

Congratulations – you’ve just completed Tears of the Kingdom‘s first shrine! We hope this guide helped you get to grips with the Ultrahand power and all of the creative possibilities it brings. You’ll be using Ultrahand a lot to get by in TtoK, and you’ll need it to reach the next shrine. Get comfortable with it!

We’ll be bringing you more guides and quick tips over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for more. Hungry for help right now? Why not join our Discord server to ask our assembled crew of layabouts and miscreants what to do next.

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