Mobile Poker Apps – What to Look for?

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If you’re looking for a new mobile game to play, why not try your hand at poker? Its rules are easy to grasp, so it’s relatively easy to get into, but the game itself actually entails quite a bit of strategic thinking. It’s also a great option for gamers looking to test their maths skills.

In addition, poker is a great way to socialise. In fact, did you know that some of the most downloaded apps of 2020, like Playtika’s World Series of Poker (WSOP), were actually poker apps? WSOP even registered more than 10 million downloads in 2020. Other apps like World Poker Club and PokerStars have shown similar, impressive download numbers.

But with so many apps on the market, which one should you invest your time in? Below are some things you should look at.


Not every app will have an interface that’s as clean as WSOP’s, nor will they boast gameplay as smooth as Zynga Pokers. Therefore, you need to make sure the software meets your phone’s specifications. For instance, if your phone is very old (or around five generations behind) it may have trouble running graphic-intensive apps like the Governor of Poker, which are optimised for modern-gen devices. Meanwhile, if your phone has low RAM space (you can check this in your memory setting), expect server-filled apps like WSOP to lag.

To this end, never forget to look at the app’s software information on Google or App store. This can be found after its description. It contains its size (the bigger it is, the more RAM-heavy it is), version, and other helpful details.

Poker Club The River update

Developer Support

An outdated app has a lot of disadvantages, from dated security measures to buggy interfaces (especially for older devices). Make sure that your poker app is always updated. This will let you know that its developers are continuously working to improve its functions and features.


There are many variants out there, but most apps will only Texas Hold’em as their main variant. This is the most popular variant across the world. However, things can get boring fast without a little variety, which is why it helps to look for apps that offer more than just your standard Texas Hold’em.

For example, Poker Online offers 7-Card Stud. In this game, this 7-Card Stud tutorial explains that in addition to two hole cards facing down, players are given a third facing up. Meanwhile, WSOP is one of few mobile apps that offer Omaha — a variant that’s played with four hole cards instead of two. According to this Omaha poker guide, players need to use exactly two hole cards and three community cards to form a hand. It’s also usually played with a no-limit structure, though WSOP also offers Pot-Limit Omaha.

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Finally, whether you’re playing with real money or not, the app you’re using will often provide some type of bonus to encourage you to keep playing. Real money apps like 888Poker will have signup bonuses, and they’re usually higher if they’re hosting a special promotion. Meanwhile, social sites like Zynga provide bonuses in the form of daily gifts, rewards, and even promo codes. Your job is to find apps that offer excellent freebies so you can take advantage of them.

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