4 ways in which online gaming is better with fibre internet

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For gamers, there is nothing more frustrating than having a poor online gaming experience. Lag is among the top things that any gamer hates and wants to avoid. One of the reasons why many people face the problem of poor online gaming performance or lag during online gaming is because of their internet connection.

People who are using traditional copper or DSL internet usually face these sorts of problems and these can be fixed by switching over to fibre internet. In this post, we will discuss a few ways in which switching over to fibre can improve your online gaming and how gaming is better with fibre.

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Why choose fibre broadband for online gaming?

Higher bandwidth

With fibre internet, you can expect to receive a higher bandwidth, which will ultimately result in a much faster and better online gaming experience. Before fibre optic came along, most internet connections were limited to a specific bandwidth, with less than 200 Mbps in urban and 10 Mbps in rural areas, but now things have changed. As technology has improved and the demand for higher bandwidth has increased, we now have technologies like fibre internet that can provide much higher bandwidth.

Higher bandwidth improves the immersive and gameplay experience of all online games, especially in multiplayer games, where your connection needs to keep up with tons of data being sent every second. Currently, fibre internet is the fastest internet service available and if you want to have an immersive gaming experience, you should switch over to fibre internet and have a quality router like Sky router that can support higher bandwidth.

Symmetrical speeds

One unique benefit of fibre internet is that you get symmetrical download and upload speeds. With older technologies, getting symmetrical speeds was only a theoretical thing, as no ISP provided symmetrical download and upload speeds. However, that is not the case with fibre internet, as you get the same download and upload speeds. Having asymmetrical internet speeds may be fine for low-speed applications like web surfing, email, or chat, but it is not enough for online games.

This is where fiber internet comes into play, as it provides symmetrical internet speeds resulting in a superior gaming experience over other internet technologies. These speeds are evident through any speed test and also through the EE Hub Manager or any other router admin panel.

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Low latency and jitter

One of the most important things that make the online gaming experience more smooth is having a lower ping or latency. Latency is the amount of time it takes for data to travel from one point to another across a network. A network with higher latency denotes slower response times, whereas a low latency denotes faster response times.

Most gamers prefer to have latency under 50 milliseconds, but with the fibre internet, you can get these numbers into single digits, providing a very fast response rate, and resulting in a smooth gaming experience. Along with low latency, fibre internet also reduces jitter in the connection. Jitter is the unintended change in ping or latency over time and having bad jitter can ruin your gaming experience, but not with fibre internet.

Future proof technology

Having a future-proof technology is always a good thing and fibre internet is currently the most advanced and future-proof internet technology available. Cable internet will soon reach its bandwidth limit and it won’t be long until it will be replaced entirely by fibre internet because fibre internet can carry more data at much faster rates.

As games continue to become more complex and data-intensive, they will require more and more bandwidth in upcoming years to send and receive data. For such games, only an ultra-fast internet connection would be able to cater to the bandwidth needs and that is what you are getting with the fibre optic internet, which is not only the most advanced technology in the current times but will continue to remain for a long time.

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