Resident Evil: The Arklay Chronicles released for free

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A new fan-produced Resident Evil game, The Arklay Chronicles, has been released for free. It depicts the events that have led up to the first official instalment in the franchise. 

This shows that not only are Resident Evil fans passionate about their video game series but, this release has proved that they are willing to go that extra mile for the franchise and this has blown the gaming community away.

In The Arklay Chronicles, there are many fan-made remakes and modes including the Skywind and the Black Mesa modes that have been taken from their original concept and included in this game. In fact, the Resident Evil franchise is no different, always willing to take what Capcom has put on offer and include their own twist to it. Sometimes, this even makes new games more creative.

Resident Evil: The Arklay Chronicles shooting zombies

The Resident Evil franchise is Capcom’s best-selling video game franchise, with 110 million units sold worldwide as of December 2021. Resident Evil 5 is the game that sold the most with 13.4 million copies sold. Apart from video games, Resident Evil is also a hit in the movie industry with multiple films released, the latest being in 2021, a prequel to the whole series, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The online gambling industry also hopped on the Resident Evil train with a popular slot game by Skywind offered at multiple real money online casinos.

User and developer Lord DeeJay, on the website GameJolt, has released the new Resident Evil game called ‘The Arklay Chronicles’ which is meant to fill in the gaps prior to the events of the first instalment in the series. The game takes place in 1998 and players can take on the role of multiple iconic characters in the Resident Evil franchise including Forest Speyer, Barry Burton, Albert Wesker, and others. 

A release trailer also shows some of the familiar locations that make up this game’s storyboard, including the Spencer house. Similar to Resident Evil 4, and the remakes of 2 and 3, this game is played from the over-the-shoulder perspective. 

The Arklay Chronicles release trailer

This game mainly takes place around the Arklay mountains which are referenced in Resident Evil 7. Currently, ‘The Arklay Chronicles’ consists of a single chapter, but it is meant to have multiple endings and a number of surprises along the way. 

The first chapter was released on March 22nd to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Resident Evil saga. Each new chapter will bring its share of improvement to enrich the gaming experience a little more with each update.

Fans of Resident Evil have been celebrating its 26th anniversary with Slitterhead developer, Bokeh Games. It is not surprising that players have gone out of their way to create their own games. The original 1996 game helped influence the best survival horror games ever. Despite the 5th and 6th games not being in their best form, the 7th and 8th have helped restore the faith lost in the game. 

Players can download The Arklay Chronicles from GameJolt’s page.

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