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In the last few years, more and more business organisations have realised that the proverb- ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ applies when it comes to their employees. 

Things like work burnout, fatigue, and stress are real and present dangers that quietly chip away at company productivity and efficiency. They are trying to figure out ways and means that can help them keep their employees engaged, motivated, and excited at the workplace. 

According to recent studies, having gaming rooms or destress-zones are a great way to build interpersonal relationships between team members, boost communication levels, and create a sense of bonding between everyone. 

In this article, we are going to look at the seven major benefits of allowing employees to play video games in the workplace. If you are a business founder or a high-ranking management executive, this resource might just be the answer to your productivity worries!

List of 7 major benefits of allowing employees to play video games in the workplace

Increases the morale of the employees

Video games are all the rage at the moment. When you talk internally with your employees, you will be surprised at how many of them actively play video games when they go back home. A business that cares about the interest areas of its employees increases their morale. You can also host video games competition and give away prizes to employees that win!

Employees playing video games in the workplace

Reduces absenteeism and improved employee turnover

Every business suffers on days when their employees take leave. By now we all know that taking leave happens not just because of medical and emergency reasons, but because of disconnect. When employees do not feel like visiting the office, they take leave. Having video games always has the effect of reducing absenteeism and improving turnover.

Creates a fun, innovative, and exciting company culture

If you have a room dedicated to video games in your office, you are promoting a certain kind of company culture. This company culture promotes employee well-being, drives innovation, and tries to create an environment that is fun and enjoyable. Essentially you are saying, that as a company, we work and play hard! This is something that we associate with start-ups.

Boosts work productivity and streamlines efficiency

This is a constant challenge for business organisations. Businesses and HR executives have tried everything, but have never been able to drive real productivity. With video games, it was found that employees would always be excited to carry on with their work faster. This had a direct impact on productivity levels which were found to skyrocket after video games.

Encourages de-stressing and prevents burnout

As an employee, if you are happy, excited, and enjoying video games for an hour a day, you are less likely to suffer from burnout, fatigue, and stress. This means that it will help the organisation create a positive working culture. Stress is directly related to mental health issues and is one of the major reasons why employees lay down their papers.

Two men playing FIFA in an office

Reduces frustration in the workplace

Business organisations of all shapes, sizes, and scales, are chasing goals, targets and numbers. At times, this can lead to frustrations and disappointments. This is natural. However, if you have de-stress zones and gaming rooms, employees can let their hair down for a while and then get back to work. This brief break is at times what we need to reduce our frustration levels.

Better job satisfaction cuts attrition rates at offices

Having a gaming room that has video games, apart from other fun elements helps in improving job satisfaction. As we all know, job satisfaction is directly related to developing loyalty towards your workplace. The more loyal and satisfied you are, the less likely you are to leave the company and move on to someplace else. This means that attrition rates are lowered.

The final takeaway

If you want to build a company where employees are happy, productive, and loyal, you need to start thinking out of the box. You can hire an office removals London agency and request them to shift your gaming room requirements from one place to another. If you have any more doubts or queries about where we can help you out, please let us know in the comments section below.

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