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Atom_12272 has been reviewing games for us again and this time he’s gt his hands on Ancient Frontier by Fair Weather Studios. Check out what he thought of it in his video review below:



This has to be one of the best strategy games I have played in a long time. It has some amazing customisation features when it comes to both weapons for your ships and upgrades to your growing fleet. The game also has a very quick and easy to learn in-game menu; with a shop, a garrison and much more options to look through.

Once you get past the tutorial which in my opinion was a little too long for my liking and could have been a bit more interactive with the player, it sets you off to battle other enemy fleets and to search out lost cargo. Having said it was too long though, it did go into great depth about how the game is played, and literally, no stone was left unturned so you pretty much end up knowing everything possible.

Onto the maps; at first glance, it’s a bird’s eye view of the map that looks 2D but after playing with the controls you can zoom in and rotate the camera allowing you to view things such as space trash, ships and even the stars in more detail. They all have their own animations that are amazing to watch. The maps vary in size and so when you have set turns between you and the opponent, and each ship can only move so far dependent on its capability, you really have to think of all that is going on around you.

It’s not all focused on gameplay though, there is also a very good storyline between the characters on the ship, and there may even be a love interest or two to keep your eyes on.

Ancient Frontier offers a great strategic level of play, more than I expected, and its appeal will branch out from those who have just started getting into gaming, to the more experienced strategic masters out there. It is definitely a game I will continue to play and something I will recommend to many friends and acquaintances.

In terms of graphics, I’d score it 80/100. For replayability, it has to be a solid 100/100. And with everything else taken into account, it comes away with a very well deserved 90/100.


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