Cult of the Lamb: Quick look review

by Ben Kirby
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When Cult of the Lamb was released last year, everyone was raving about it. Yet, I couldn’t quite grasp what it was.

A cult management sim? There was talk of roguelite action somehow. People saying that there were resemblances to Stardew Valley (another quick look coming soon!).

The cutesy art style and rave reviews about it piqued my interest, but not enough to bother buying it.

Then, as is always the case, along comes a Steam sale. I picked up Cult of the Lamb to play on my Steam Deck while on holiday. Thinking it would pass a few hours and I’d put it down.

I did play it, I didn’t put it down.

This is a brief look at the game. I’ve not finished it, and there’s likely a lot to go at still, but hot damn. The hyperbole was justified. Cult of the Lamb is a lot, don’t let the aesthetic fool you. A wolf in sheep’s clothing if you will…..

Cult of the Lamb - Transport

Keeping the flock happy (and alive)

The game throws a surprising amount of complexity at you. You’ll manage dozens of structures, keep your followers fed and content, and deal with dissenters (through re-education… or a sacrifice).

Thankfully, it becomes intuitive quickly. Read your follower’s minds to understand their needs, build comfy beds and cook nourishing meals (hopefully avoiding diarrhoea this time!).

I’m working on building toilets next because I am fed up of cleaning-up cultists’ literal shit. It’s making them ill, I’m having to clean it all the time, it’s a pain. But… can be used as manure to help my farming, to help feed them, to get them to shit more…..Cult of the Lamb is a lot, see!


The roguelite sections offer a welcome break from base management. You’ll explore procedurally generated dungeons, battling bizarre enemies with satisfying weapons and powers.

The focus is on fast-paced action; dodge incoming attacks and unleash devastating combos to clear rooms efficiently.

Cult of the Lamb is top-down, but apart from the perspective, it feels very much like Rogue Legacy or Dead Cells. No platforming, but lots of action, weapon upgrades, abilities and perks etc. No run is the same, and whilst your goal to defeat the boss of a certain area remains, getting there changes each time.

You can hit potluck with the perfect weapons, power-ups and boosts. Or you could struggle all the way through. We do love a roguelite over at, so it’s been a joy and a solid change of pace.

It really helps that the movement in Cult of the Lamb is on point. The latency between button presses, the stick movement etc. It’s exactly what you need in a roguelite.

Again, Cult of the Lamb is a lot.

Cult of the Lamb - Defying Death

Bright darkness

Cult of the Lamb’s true brilliance lies in its presentation. The adorable art style, with its thick outlines and vibrant colours, masks a surprisingly dark world. The enemy designs are delightfully grotesque, and the dungeons evoke the feeling of a twisted school play.

Sacrifice, blood, pagan (or otherwise) symbols. It’s bright and vibrant, yet dark and broody. Really clever how the style contrasts the content.

I thought this was going to be a cutesy indie with some cult themes. Totally ready to write it off as just not for me. But damn. Cult of the Lamb delivers with the aesthetic, visually and audibly.

More than the sum of its parts

The game excels at merging its management and roguelite aspects. Resources from your cult fuel your dungeon runs, while successful crusades grant you the power to improve your base. This loop is both engaging and darkly humorous.

Changing the pace and essentially giving you two different games is perfect. Especially when you’re casually dipping in and out for 20 minutes at a time.

Better still, Cult of the Lamb runs like a dream on the Steam Deck. It’s the perfect hand-held experience. Deep, engaging, and easily accessible on the go!

Cult of the Lamb - Roguelite

Cult of the Lamb overall thoughts?

Cult of the Lamb is a unique and entertaining experience. Despite its complex systems, it’s surprisingly approachable.

The blend of adorable visuals with dark themes, combined with the satisfying gameplay loop, makes this a must-play for fans of either genre (farming/management sim and roguelite).

Just be prepared to deal with the occasional outbreak of mass diarrhoea among your followers.

Fancy picking a copy up for yourself? You can find it over on CDKeys for a bargain price. And while you wait for it to download, check out more of our quick look game reviews by clicking right here.

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