MMORPG Elyon Launches New Website Ahead of its Korean Launch

by Chris Camilleri
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New website details playable races, classes, key features, and more. Elyon launches today in Korea with a western PC release planned at a later date.

Publisher Kakao Games and Bluehole Studio have launched the new website for their flagship MMORPG Elyon. 

The new website offers an overview of the various features of Elyon and gives prospective players a look at what kind of hero they might be exploring the world of the game with. They can pick from four races, and five classes. But this is only the start of their journey since the deep skill customization will ensure that no two characters will have to be the same when engaging their foes using the full action combat system.


The website also gives an overview of the backstory of the game, giving some initial insights behind the motivations of the Vulpin and Ontari factions and the reasons they are trying to claim the new paradise of Elyon. The game will feature massive battles between the two factions as they fight for control. But that’s only a sliver of the different types of content that will be available since the game will also have rich PvE systems for players that prefer to be a little more cooperative.

Elyon is releasing today in Korea and is scheduled to be serviced by Kakao Games as for North American and European markets but a release window has not been announced yet. 

Visit the new Elyon website here!

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