How to lower your ping and improve your online gaming performance?

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When people are asked what they think is the most important thing to achieve good results in the field of online gaming, their opinions differ but very often no one mentions ping rate.

Some say that the most important thing is the available equipment and its specifications. Others say that skill is the most important thing when playing games online. However, neither equipment nor the skills will help if the gamer faces a high ping problem.

What causes annoying lags?

Often, online gamers think that Internet connection speed is the most important thing for gaming. However, they are disappointed when they see that even after choosing the fastest Internet, they do not avoid delays. So, the question is – what causes them? 

Lags are mostly caused by poor network performance, network latency or some server issues. In other words, these are things that are beyond the control of the player. However, it must be recognized that high ping problems can be solved. Down below you will find some pieces of advice that might be helpful!

Angry Gamer losing due to lag and high ping rate

5 ways that will help you to lower the ping:

Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) service

One of the best solutions for those who want to get rid of irritative lag is a VPN service. Online gamers who play Fortnite, Minecraft, League of Legends or CoD, say that a VPN greatly reduces the ping and improves game performance as well. This effect is highly visible when using CoD VPNs.

Use a wired connection instead of the Wi-Fi

Using an Ethernet cable results in a lower ping. Sometimes people claim to have changed WiFi with a wired connection and have not noticed a change. In this case, it is possible that the quality of the cable used is too poor. That is why it does not give the result you expected. If you cannot use a cable, try to have your router as close as possible to the device. This can also help reduce high ping.

Limit the number of devices

How many devices are typically connected to the same WiFi in your home at the same time? If you do not live alone, but each of the residents uses several devices that require the Internet, it is possible that the problem lies precisely here. By reducing the number of devices that use your internet, you can see significant positive changes when playing online games.

Make sure that your devices are not outdated

Sometimes delays can be experienced because of outdated devices. Although this reason is quite rare, considering how often people are used to replacing their existing devices with new ones, it is worth paying attention to. Perhaps the technical capabilities of the devices you have are simply not able to provide quality for online gaming.

Keep your software updated

This is something that online gamers usually don’t pay attention to. Therefore, it is not thought that not updated software can affect high ping. Therefore, you should make sure that your software is updated regularly. In this way, you will not only potentially solve the high ping problem but also ensure better security of your device. That is a win-win situation!

Gamer online gaming who won a round of their game due to low ping and no lag

Final thought

Obviously, high ping makes online gaming simply unbearable. Therefore, it is necessary to take all necessary measures that can help to solve this problem. However, it is most likely that the most significant help, in this case, will be provided by the subscription to Virtual Private Network services. According to online gamers, this is exactly what helped when no one else could help. Also, using VPN services also offers many other benefits such as impeccable online security and many more.

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