Online gaming: 5 reasons it’s popular with all ages

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Online gaming transcends all generations and manages to attract the interest of people from all age ranges. Research on the demographics of online gaming has also revealed that playing games have no significant gender it is popular with, dispelling the myths that it is a form of entertainment that is only popular with boys and men.

The popularity of gaming culture is actually attributed to a number of different factors. In the article below, we will discuss the reasons for the immense popularity of online gaming amongst various age groups.


One of the prime reasons for the humongous popularity of online gaming is how engaging it is as a form of entertainment. Not only do many games have incredible storylines that you get to follow along, but they also allow you to take part in the development of the story and sometimes even impact the outcomes of how a story ends.

Other games like Candy Crush and Subway Surfers are engaging in their own ways too despite a lack of story. They keep things much more simple and engage players by being addicting and almost difficult to put down. However, they’re also ideal games to pick up and play a few quick games when you are trying to waste a bit of time.

Playing games with friends and family also helps you bond and reconnect with each other and create a new kind of engagement that many have not experienced before. This became more common during the COVID-19 pandemic as people were no longer allowed to interact and engage with each other physically and had to result to online gaming to be able to spend time with loved ones again.

Playing a racing game on PlayStation which may have been bought with a gift card

Develops problem-solving skills

Playing online games with various levels which keep on increasing in difficulty with each level triggers a firm resolution and determination in the player to perform better and encourages them to keep going. This is more evident in puzzle-solving games or the types of games in which puzzles may appear such as the Resident Evil series which often throws challenges at players to progress in a story.

However, it’s not just adult games that do this, there are now many educational games available across numerous platforms designed to help younger children develop problem-solving skills. So where once parents used to not allow their children to play games, now they are encouraged to play them for the educational benefit they can provide.

Relaxing and stress buster

If you’ve ever had a bad day or are stressed because of the various walks of your life, playing games helps you get back on track. As you indulge in playing games, and cross hurdles and levels one after another, it instils a sense of confidence and boosts optimism in the player. Planning and strategising while playing feels rewarding and boosts self-esteem. Playing online games leads to the secretion of dopamine, the feel-good hormone which eventually de-stresses and relaxes your mind.

People from different age groups choose different games which work differently for each one. Games like puzzles keep your mind off other things and group gaming can be seen as social interaction. Even games are designed and created with a similar motive and goal, some help people to manage stress, some function as biofeedback, etc. Playing video games puts you through various situations and helps you develop your own coping mechanism. Personally, I really enjoy a good shooter to unleash any pent-up anger and frustration from my day.


The digital space leverages a world to roam freely and explore by weaving stories in the gameplay. Playing games helps you to take an external and internal tour of exploration. The external tour leads you to a world of humongous possibilities, today many games are being developed on real-time skill responses through engaging platforms like Canadian real-money casinos. 

Likewise, internal exploration is facilitated through designing your own characters as per your wish, usually, people portray their preferability through their character design.  Online gaming allows you to present your desired self through the character in the virtual world, and as you begin to cross hurdles and start winning you get more involved and start enjoying your time. The virtual world also gives a platform to create and build one’s own world, as per their wishes and desires. In a multiplayer game, the space can be shared with others, along with the virtual creation. 

Online Gaming Character Creation


Who doesn’t like a reward for their skills? Online games are so popular because they provide gratification at each level. It encourages a person to master his/her skill and return for a better reward. The rewards vary with each online gaming platform, some offer coins, and some offer upgrades such as skin sets for aesthetics.  The player gets encouraged to keep playing and collect rewards to be upgraded to the next level. 

This is just like Canadian real money casinos offering games like Poker, Blackjack, etc. that are mentally challenging and can fetch some decent winnings for the players as well. Slots are another popular variation that is easy and entertaining and can also offer rewards to players.

To conclude

The above-mentioned are a few reasons why people keep coming back to gaming to de-stress and bond with friends while playing their favourite video game. It is also likely to be said that each game is designed according to age, and sex vis-a-vis psychological functioning.  It is equally crucial to develop a healthy relationship with gaming and make the best use of the virtual world to destress and escape into the world of fancies and rejuvenate yourself.

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