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by Rebel.Red.Carnation

Show me that Gil.

The alchemy class in Final Fantasy might not be the No.1 earner in the Disciples of Hand, yet it still remains one of the classic investments. Since at the end of the day no matter who you are, you will always require consumables. Yet we should tell you that their demands will fluctuate which might have an impact on FFXIV Gil earnings.

Create and Concoct

Before earning FFXIV Gil from the Alchemist class. The players will need to learn about the possibilities of crafting. This class is renowned amongst the raid participants, for its options. This class is also well capable of crafting gear for, Summoner/Scholar/Arcanist and White Mage/Conjurer. The success of these classes depends on how much they depend on the alchemists. With time, the White Mages/Conjurers need wands from the alchemists. Since they are quite cheap compared to the ones made by Staves. The wands made by alchemists are very secure means of leveling weapons and are guaranteed to be worth of the FFXIV Gil you spend on them. One of the best-sellers are Status ailment removal items. Since echo drops are quite popular amongst the Disciples of Magic as they are an antidote to the silence. Since the magic disciples are not effective without there spells, echo drops are popular items among this class which makes alchemists decent FFXIV Gil.

Beyond Consumables

This class can also assemble gear that is used by Disciples of Hand class, it includes Growth formula, oils, inks, rubbers, glues and much more. A stack consisting of 10 of these dissovents has a worth around 90,000 FFXIV Gil. ​It can also make components used by other Disciples of Hand classes such as growth formulas, oils, inks, rubbers, glues and much more. A good example of this is dissolvents, in which you sell a stack of ten for around 100,000 Gil. Aside from potions and consumables, these will be the items that you can sell for a good amount of Gil. In fact, if you have plans to take up other Disciples of Hands, it’s recommended that you should get alchemy first. It is not at all difficult to believe that alchemy is quite synonymous with the Disciple of Hand. Since other classes also rely on these Disciples. The main area of interest for an Alchemist is the Botanist. It is also one of the best ways to earn some decent FFXIV Gil which can be easily sold to players on marketplaces like Eldorado. Yet it is not the best choice if you aim to be a pure alchemist. We recommend you to use low-level materials and craft them to perfection.

Level Up with Levequests

For this purpose, you will have to go on a level grinding spree and tradecraft levequests are one of the most effective practices. Their Locations vary depending on your level so be sure to keep an eye on the map.

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Kanny Vlad August 26, 2020 - 1:44 pm

Do you have like and advantage for being an alchemist?

I mean, can you like, create gil or gold and sell it?

MaddOx August 26, 2020 - 9:41 pm

Alchemist class is better at crafting certain things, and as such, can be a valuable asset to any team. That’s not to say it’s the best class in the game, but if you have a party, it’s always worthwhile having one on board.


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