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Is there anyone who uses the traditional ‘pen on paper’ method to write nowadays? Even George RR Martin has a computer. Well; he uses DOS so he’s not the epitome of a tech-driven writer, but we’ll agree on one thing: technology is absolutely necessary for a focused and efficient writing process.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need just any technology to enhance the writing process. Whether you’re a student who completes papers or you write for money as a pro, you need the right tools to support your work. There’s always space for improvement.

We’ll include both gadgets and software in our list.

Best Tech Tools to Boost Your Writing Skills

A Good Laptop

Yes; you can use any laptop to write. As long as it features proper software, it’s good to go. It’s not like you need advanced gaming capacity, right?

Well, the laptop can make a big difference. Most professional writers prefer a MacBook Air:

  • It’s light and portable, so you can easily work anywhere;
  • The screen is comfortably visible even when you use the computer in sunlight;
  • This is a computer that will stand the test of time, so you won’t have to buy another one anytime soon;
  • It’s incredibly comfortable for typing; you’ll become faster when you get used to the keyboard setting;
  • The operating system enables you to set a focused working environment.

This doesn’t mean that you have to invest in a MacBook in order to become more efficient in your writing. But if you are going to buy a laptop, get one that will make the typing experience more comfortable.

Writing a résumé on a laptop

Note-Taking Software

The writing process extends beyond the time you spend in front of the computer. You get ideas all the time. You might get them while browsing the Internet, commuting around the city, or in your sleep. It’s important to install a good app on your phone. It’s supposed to let you write notes in a matter of seconds and keep them organized. Whether it’s a sudden burst of inspiration or a reminder to explore certain topics for your projects, having a reliable note-taking app on your phone can be as essential as seeking online college homework help when you need academic assistance.

These are our suggestions:

  • Microsoft OneNote;
  • Evernote;
  • Notion (it’s great for team collaboration).

You’ll use the note-taking app on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to choose one that lets you organize your thoughts.

Grammar Checking Software

Professional writers can get a bit egocentric about their style and grammar. They get mad when editors make corrections with the intention of improving their logical flow. In some situations, they are right. Editors can get carried away and disturb the writer’s unique voice throughout the process.

As for students, they don’t care too much about grammar. They are focused on the paper-writing process and intentionally skip the last step. Those who are smart get editing assistance at EduBirdie, so they make sure that they will submit the perfect content. Never skip the last stage! You can hire a pro editor, but you can also use high-quality software to check the content yourself.

Here are the tools that work:

  • Ginger;
  • Grammarly;
  • Copywritely.

You may need to pay to access all the features. But if you write on a daily basis and your success depends on proper grammar, you should make the investment.

Female studetn writing an essay

Speech Recognition Software

Typing slows you down and you get nervous because your fingers can’t follow your thoughts. Maybe you get tired by looking at the computer screen for hours per day. Speech recognition software can be your salvation. However, you have to invest in a high-quality option; otherwise, you risk having content that has nothing to do with what you said.

Dragon Speech Recognition is the most recommended tool of this type. You can use it to browse the Internet or navigate through emails and YouTube videos. But you can also use it for transcription, even if you write professionally.

Proper Writing Software

You might want to move away from traditional options, such as MS Word or Google Docs. Sure; they let you write perfectly well. But they don’t provide a distraction-free environment that lets you squeeze the highest levels of productivity out of yourself.

You need better software, which makes navigation easy. Even if you’re working on an entire novel, you should be able to skip around chapters and work on multiple sections simultaneously.

If you’re looking for great writing software, check out these options:

  • Scrivener;
  • Ulysses;
  • Freedom.

Your work depends on the tools you use. You don’t have to invest a fortune in the right ones. But invest some time, so you can do the research and choose the ones that work for your needs.

BIO: Vendy Adams took a long time to realize that anyone could write. She was always overwhelmed by assignments until she saw the effects of practice and effort and she works as an editor ResumeCoach. Vendy shares writing tips and tricks on her blog.

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