A Guide to Multi-Line Slot Machines

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What You Should Know About Multi-Line Slot Machines

It is a common occurrence that multiple game types are present on the same casino websites like ufabet. You can confirm that by visiting 888 bingo sites where you can play slots for tempting jackpots and different variations of bingo games.

In the slot machine world, multi-line software has become an industry standard. A vast majority of games use this concept because it is fun and exciting for players, and here is why!

What Is a Multi-Line Slot?

Here are the basics – each slot machine contains a specific number of symbols and reels. The round starts once you trigger the reels, and you stop them at a certain moment. The reels will stop in a particular order, and now it is time to calculate the potential winnings.

The potential pay lines will determine your winnings applied to that game. A single betting line is a combination observed when deciding if you won. If you have the right number or order of symbols in that line, you get the win determined by the rules. Apart from potential winnings, betting lines play a role in checking if you qualify for bonus spins or other incentives offered in the game.

Now, the basic pay line is horizontal, but they can also be diagonal. You will often see zigzag lines, irregular shapes, and even betting lines that go from right to left.

A multi-line slot is the one offering more than a single pay line. These games have gone a long way from classic slots, which is why you can now have up to 100 or more betting lines on a single machine.

Reasons to Try Multi-Line Slot Machines

Are you wondering why multi-line online slots are so popular among the players? Here are the main reasons why you should try these machines:

  • More options to win – while the odds and size of winnings depend on the game, having more lines available means more opportunities to land the right combination.
  • Extra features – from activating the bonus spins to participating in mini-games, you will find that multi-line slots are packed with intriguing twists.
  • Fun and exciting – this goes hand in hand with the previous two items. A bunch of options to win and exciting concepts makes this software fun to play.
  • Numerous themes available – do you enjoy a history theme or prefer classic cartoonish graphics when playing online? Multi-line machines can have different themes ranging from licensed movies and TV shows to fantasy, mythology, and other genres.
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Are Multi-Line Slots Better Than Single-Line Machines?

This comes down to your preference, which is why we will talk about the differences between the two game types. The crucial distinction is that a single-line slot only contains one betting line, while multi-line machines can have up to 50 or more.

Since they have more winning combinations available, multi-line software is often more complicated. One-line machines are as simple as they could get, and they usually feature three reels and the middle horizontal paying line. They don’t offer bonus rounds, although they might have the Gamble or Double Up feature.

Multi-line slot software comes with different gameplay concepts. It can have three or five reels and different layouts.

Basic Multi-Line Slot Machine Types

Here is a quick overview of the available multi-line slot machines in today’s online gaming world:

  • Fixed pay-lines – this software offers a specific number of pay lines that players can’t change.
  • Adjustable pay lines – unlike the previous, you can adjust the number of betting lines in these machines. If the maximum is 25, you can choose any number from one to 25 lines.
  • Win both ways – these slots assess the betting lines in both directions. While the default direction is from left to right, this software also checks if you have the right combination in the opposite direction.
  • Ways to win – these focus on delivering prizes when you land a specific number of symbols or symbols in a particular order. Depending on the game, you might have 243, 1,024, or even more ways to win.

Wild and scatter symbols are there to spice things up even more. A wild symbol in multi-line slots substitutes any other except for the scatter. As for the latter, you use it to trigger the bonus feature. Those are usually free spins, but you might also use multipliers and other benefits.

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