giffgaff games night challenge – Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

by Rebel.Red.Carnation
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As you guys may have seen on social media. We were encouraged by the folk at giffgaff to host a games night. Why? Well, they’re all about community and bringing people together, and nowadays, too many people don’t do that. We all have our faces stuck staring at our phones and TV screens.

They weren’t just encouraging us by telling us though, they even provided some amazing goodies. And we would like to give a big thanks to giffgaff & Big Potato Games for the goodies we received and priceless memories we created. You can see some of the goodies we were sent from the tweet below:

To receive so many gifts really was such a lovely gesture from these companies which shows a humble appreciation for time spent with family and friends. It was safe to say the £50 JustEat voucher was probably the highlight of everything, you should’ve seen the smile on MaddOx’s face. We were going to take a photo of what arrived, but by the time we remembered we’d demolished the lot, and didn’t think it fair to show you a bunch of empty pizza boxes.

What you didn’t see in that clip though were the games we received from Big Potato Games. And they were some very interesting games to say the least, which broke the mould from the usual Monopoly and Cluedo (which I am not allowed to play as I get too ‘passionate’).

We will post a detailed review of the games we received from Big Potato Games at a later date, but for now, we’ll give you a brief preview of the games we played:

Weird Things People Search For

Like Family Fortunes but gotten weird!

We thought this one would be a pretty tame but fun game, little did we know the people we associate with have very bizarre and disturbing minds. Not only is this game hilarious to play it’s actually somewhat educational!

The game starts with a quiz master reading out the first part of the card which is the start of a search term, then you all have to write down what you think the top answer is. Before you know it you’re scratching your head with confliction between wanting to know what the answers actually are and the weird shit your mates come out with.

Overall this game was a smash hit, and very entertaining. Personally, I like this, and it will make a reappearance at Christmas!

Bucket of Doom

Cards Against Humanity (CAH)meets MacGyver, this game defies the generic basics of game night, with unusual connotations with the filthy fun you gain from games such as CAH.

The basics of the game involve escaping situations using only useless objects. Each player must explain how they would escape the situation and the person with the best plan of escape wins! Great for those with an overactive imagination.

Obama Llama 2

When we first set eyes on this one, our only thought was, “I didn’t know there was an Obama Llama 1“. But then again, that’s one of the reasons we were encouraged to have this games night. Because we don’t spend enough time with the ones we love unless it’s sat watching the TV in silence.

What we did learn about the Obama Llama series though is it was probably the most family-friendly game of the bunch and it generated plenty of laughs. Essentially a rhyming version of charades, you get given phrases that you have to describe or act out, but, everything rhymes. So the looks on people’s faces as those trying to guess come out with the most random sentences is pure gold.

But that’s not it. For each rhyme you guess correctly, you get points. Once you have 3 points you have the opportunity to turn over cards to find a rhyming pair, much like the card game pairs. The winners are the team who have collected the most rhyming pairs by the end of the game.

How the giffgaff game’s night went down

We could’ve guessed before it kicked off, but MaddOx got very competitive throughout the night. Often creating chants to belittle and put off his opponents. It was all in good fun though.

We took to playing Weird Things People Search For first. And I have to say, I think our suggestions were much weirder than those on the cards. In fact, we had to recommend one person seek professional help because when given the search term “Can Twins…”, their answers were “…get stiff nips” and “…lick each others elbows”. And they were some of his more mild answers.

I performed best there and took a commanding lead as we set up a points table for the night. And following tackling the two other games as well, despite some of my competitors closing in on me, I reigned victoriously.

Which not only meant I got bragging rights, it also meant I got to take home (metaphorically as we already live together) the fantabulous giffgaff game’s night trophy.

Rebel.Red.Carnation lifting the giffgaff game's night trophy
Winner winner, chicken dinner – Rebel.Red.Carnation takes home the gold

It was genuinely nice to not have a night in front of the TV and to spend time with loved ones in a way we don’t really any more. In fact, it probably brought us all closer together. And it has also inspired us to make this a more regular occurrence. So whilst I have the trophy now, MaddOx will be sure to come back for it in a month’s time.

We’d once again like to thank giffgaff and Big Potato Games for supplying us with all the tools to make it such a magical night. And also for encouraging us to bring people together. But we’ll need more games going forward, so if you have any unusual game suggestions yourselves that you think we may enjoy or should just check out, please do let us know by commenting below.

We’ll be sure to keep you all updated as to whom has the trophy each month as best we can. But in the meantime, why not try and set up your own games night, or maybe if you already do, tell us about it and share your own experiences as we’d love to hear what other people are doing as well.

That’s it from us for now, goodbye folks!

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