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by James Gilbert
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Live dealing is a contemporary technology that has changed a lot since the late 90s. Firstly it was just a commodity in a few casinos, but today you can access it on most online platforms. For example, you can find out how it works not only if you look at Playamo site but also if you enter dozens of other less well-known services. Here is how this technology was developed and how it impacted this sphere.

The Origins

It was difficult to manage online casinos in the 90s because the owners of such platforms didn’t have a legit firework for their operation. During that time, governments found out about this industry and began creating the law to regulate such sites. The Free Trade and Processing Act of Antigua and Barbuda document was the first law adopted in 1994. That year these websites started to get licenses legally.

Soon Malta created its own rules. These laws allowed operators to collaborate, and they turned into million-dollar companies.

The Opening of the First Online Casinos

Microgaming was the first company to create online games of this niche. Firstly, people could place real bets because it was impossible to transfer money to digital wallets. In 1996, Cryptologic founded the first technology that allowed gamblers to transfer money to operators.

After such development, many online casinos were opened, and there had been 15 gambling services on the Internet by the end of 1996. In 1997, this number exceeded 200.

History of online casino games

The Beginning of Live Casinos

Soon, operators started offering poker games, and Planet Poker was the first platform with this software. Yet, the speed was low and the video quality was not so great as today.

The Improvement of Live Casinos

A higher Internet speed played one of the main roles in the quality of live casinos. So, today dealers can operate better. Live casinos offer their services 24/7, and you can continue gambling during the night.

Moreover, the number of games has exceeded. Today, gamblers can choose from blackjack, roulette, poker, and many other high-quality options.

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