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Is there a betting system or strategy that works when playing roulette? When playing the standard online roulette, the betting strategies and systems may not work largely because of the Random Number Generators (RNGs). However, for live roulette online games, witty use of strategy can place you at an advantage. 

Live roulette vs. standard online roulette 

Standard online roulette uses RGNs to determine the outcome. Live dealer roulette is something quite different. There are no RGN algorithms to influence the outcome. The results are decided by real luck on the presence of a dealer who hosts the game. Thus, for players who want to experience the live casino atmosphere without leaving their homes, live roulette online games provide it.   

Know the different roulette variants 

Before delving into the strategies, let’s first learn some live roulette variants. There are different versions of European, Russian, and American roulette created by top gaming developers. How do these versions differ? 

  • American Roulette – American roulette features 38 pockets. These are red and black numbers, from 1-36, and 2 additional green pockets for 0 and 00.  
  • European roulette – Has 36 pockets that are either black or red. However, it has one green pocket for a single zero (0). This gives players an instant edge. 
  •  French roulette – Like its European counterpart, French roulette doesn’t have the 00 fields, but it comes with various additional bets, including the La Partage rule.  

In most online casinos, you will find the above versions.  However, pro players will usually go for French or European roulette since these have a lower house edge.  

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Best live roulette strategies and systems 

There are several live roulette betting systems presently used by gamblers globally. The idea behind each one of them is to approach the roulette game systematically and methodically rather than rely on sheer luck to win. These systems will offer you the opportunity to get the most out of your money. They include:

Martingale System – The Martingale system is a valuable skill set once you master it. This strategy allows you to recover from a losing streak. How do you do that? You double the size of your bet after every loss and regress to its original size following a win. A reverse martingale is a strategy that some players use as well. What is different is that you should increase the size of your stake by two times after each win. 

Fibonacci system – Another handy betting system for live roulette players is the Fibonacci system.  It follows the Fibonacci number sequence, where each subsequent number equals the sum of the two preceding ones. The sequence is used by even-money roulette players as a pre-made betting approach, with appropriate loss and wins amounts.  

D’ Alembert system – At best, this is an even-money bet system that works well. After each loss, your stake should grow by one unit. On the contrary, after each win, it should decrease by one unit. D’ Alembert has similar sustainability to the Martingale and produces excellent roulette results. A Reverse D’ Alembert is also a possible strategy, though less popular.  

Paroli – Paroli is best applied when betting on even money. The goal of this strategy is to place flat bets until you strike a winning streak, after which you double your stake with each win. 

Parlay – Parlay is a straightforward, progressive betting strategy that is similar to the Martingale concept. When you apply this strategy, you increase your bet twofold after each win and reduce it to its original bet after you lose. It’s advisable to set a maximum value so that you can alter your bets to reach it.  

Is there a 100% effective strategy

When it comes to live roulette, there are indeed a few strategies that will help you boost your chances of winning. However, none of them is 100% effective – that is for sure. The element of luck in live roulette is much higher than in any other casino game. When the wheel starts spinning, nobody can confidently predict what the result will be. Luck counts!

It’s like in a football game; there is no 100% winning strategy. Even the best teams can lose a match or vice versa. For instance, here is a team that was voted the worst XI in the premier league We bet they can win a reasonable number of matches, despite being regarded as the “worst.” 

Back to our topic, let’s explore other strategies that can come in handy when playing a roulette game.

Other handy tips for roulette players

Understand the roulette odds

Turning the odds in your favour, or at the very least choosing a game with fair odds, is the secret to hitting a win. In live roulette, the odds might differ depending on the bets you place. Remember also, the different odds will affect the payout. It’s vital to understand the odds well if you have hopes of winning.   

A smart place to start is to learn the game rules, the bets, and the payouts associated with the game. Once you understand the game principles, you will have a better viewpoint of the odds. 

Play for free first 

One of the notable benefits of playing online is that you have a chance of trying out a large number of games before committing yourself to play for real money. Therefore, if you are not used to playing live roulette, you can first play it for free. When you have gained enough confidence, you can now play with real money. Make sure you understand the various types of bets offered as well as the probabilities so that you can achieve a higher success rate. 

Bet what you can afford 

Have you ever gone on vacation and decided to stay in a $10,000-per-night penthouse suite when you could only afford $250 per night? 

Online casinos are no different, yet some players settle for the high roller tables that attract a minimum of 500 per bet while they can only afford $20 per bet.

Bankroll management is perhaps one of the most practical tips for playing live dealer roulette. Set a reasonable budget, pick the right stakes, stick to a less adventurous betting pattern, and you will realize winning is much easier. 

Don’t get carried away 

Before you start playing, you should set a loss limit for yourself. Once you have chosen the limit, you are literary ready for the risk associated with gambling. When you have reached the set limit, stop. You can play another time. 

Play live roulette at a trusted online casino 

Don’t join any online casino. Do due diligence and research well. Only play at a licensed casino. You might have heard of instances where people have won but can’t withdraw their winnings. Don’t add to the statistics. 

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Conclusion: Best roulette playing strategies

What you should keep in mind is that none of these strategies is perfect. Each has its shortcomings and pitfall, and it’s up to you to adapt it to your play style. 

Another thing to remember is that roulette is a game of sheer luck. There are no known skill elements in this timeless game that can help you win. The systems and strategies we have discussed above are designed to help you manage your bets and your bankroll.  They are not meant to turn the odds in your favour. The strategies will only help you get the most out of a winning streak. All the best as you enjoy your favourite variant of live dealer roulette! 


How do you win at live roulette games?

Winning at roulette depends on luck. Strategies are more about cutting your losses than enhancing your ability to win. We advise playing several rounds of free roulette before committing yourself to play with real money.

How do you win big at live roulette?

While roulette is a game of luck, you can win big by going for the high-risk, single-number bets. 

Is there any software application that helps you know the best bests to place? 

There is no program or software to help you determine where the ball will go. Don’t spend money on anything like that.

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