Hitman – Changes to the World of Assassination

by Ben Kirby
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It’s well documented at this stage, that the World of Assassination Trilogy of the Hitman series, is in my mind, a perfect trilogy. The reimagining of a franchise I’ve loved for years. Delivered with glorious murderous sandboxes.

Clever, fun, loaded with replayability and crafted so perfectly that you’re guaranteed a good time, every time you boot up.

The thing with this trilogy has been that now we’ve hit the back end of it and the levels have been re-iterated to meet the newest games’ changes. Hitman 3 has become kind of the catch-all for the whole trilogy.

As someone that’s played and transferred from Xbox to PC, then from Epic to Steam. I’ve honestly bought these games more times than is sensible. Always wanting to get everything in that one package. It’s always been a faff, and honestly, if I hadn’t followed the trilogy so closely, I’d have been bewildered by the options.

You want the Hitman 1 levels and campaign? Ok, there’s a pass for that. Hitman 2? Same, but you can buy the second one and have everything from the first in it. So then Hitman 3 needs everything added and carrying over too. DLCs, updates, you name it.

It’s not the end of the world. Actually…..it’s the beginning of the World of Assassination.

Hitman - New York

What’s going on?

Announced last week. IO Interactive recognise that the process of buying the trilogy content has become a bit of a mess. Versions, levels, and DLCs all over the place and understanding that, they’re re-branding a bit.

Here’s what they’re doing:

“Ever expanding, ever dangerous. It will never stop challenging you.”

In 2015, we shared our vision for the World of Assassination; an ever-expanding game that would evolve over time and be the foundation for future games. Those were the exact words we used and a central promise to how we’ve released the three games in the 7 years that followed.

Today, we’re excited to announce some upcoming changes to how our players (both existing and new) will experience, access and purchase HITMAN 1, HITMAN 2 and HITMAN 3. These changes will make it easier than ever to enter and enjoy the World of Assassination – and finally allow us to realise the vision we set out to achieve.

As of 26 January 2023, the following changes  are planned to come into effect.

  • HITMAN 3 will become ‘HITMAN World of Assassination’, which will also include access to HITMAN 1 and HITMAN 2 through our existing Access Pass system. Current HITMAN 3 owners will get a free upgrade to World of Assassination on all platforms
  • We’re drastically simplifying the purchase experience for new players. World of Assassination will be the single available option to start playing.

Essentially, these two changes will mean that all new players and existing owners will have the same base content ownership. There will be no more confusion over which edition to buy, what content you own, how to redeem Legacy packs or import locations, etc. We’re done with that.

IO Interactive
Hitman - Hokkaido

The World of Assassination

As you can see, IO wants to streamline and make the procurement of the trilogy a much smoother process.

Now, you can buy one of 2 options:

  • World of Assassination pack (Including Hitman 3, Hitman 1 Game of the Year access pass and the Hitman 2 standard pass).
  • World of Assassination Deluxe Pack (Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack and Seven Deadly Sins Collection and the Hitman 2 Expansion Access pass).

So that’s it. You can get the main bulk of the trilogy with that World of Assassination Pack. And then if you want the extra content, you can get the Deluxe Pack on top of it.

It looks to retail at $70 for the main pack and $30 for the Deluxe pack. So for $100, you get 3 full, massive games and all the DLC content. That’s less than I’ve paid over the past few years……

2 options, and that’s it. No messing about with 1, 2 or 3 and then looking at making them work together. It might seem like a small change, but it should make entry to the trilogy even easier than ever before, and I hope it gives people a better on-ramp and they give it a go.

The World of Assassination trilogy is one of the best trilogies in gaming, full stop.

If you’ve not played yet, do you think this will help you get on board?

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