How to find the best slot machines in 2023

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Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games in the world, both in physical casinos as well as online. With a boom in online gambling, there are now thousands of different online slots to choose from, making it difficult to know which ones to go with. However, despite this congestion, there are ways of telling which slots are the best places to invest your money. Read on, as we outline how to find the best slot machines in 2023.

Understanding how slot machines work

When choosing a slot machine, it’s important to first understand how slot machines work behind the scenes. Today many slot machines get inspiration from games such as Tomb Raider and epic movies. 

Even though slot games make up almost half of the total online gambling industry in the United States, they run on a very simple technology. Strip back all of the storylines, fancy graphics and animations, and behind every slot machine you will find a random number generator. This piece of software is what determines what reels are landed on each spin.

This random number generator is regulated by the appropriate authorities, meaning that it cannot be manipulated and must stay purely random. However, equally as important to know, is that the makeup of this random number generator is ultimately set by the casino itself.

Video Slot Games - Slot Machines similar to Book of Ra slots found in a Land-based Casino

The key to winning at slots

The implications of this simple software behind all slot machines are huge. Essentially, some slot machines are programmed to pay out more money than others. This is known as the ‘Return to Player’ or RTP.

For example, one slot game may have an RTP of 97%, while another has an RTP of 90%. Over the short term, these slots may seem the same—the second may even produce more return, purely based on luck. However, over the long term, the first slot machine will always produce a greater return, a difference that adds up. If you were to bet $100,000 on both machines, you’d get close to $97,000 back from the first, and only $90,000 from the second, leaving you $7000 out of pocket.

The key to winning at slots is to play on machines that have a high RTP. Do this, and your percentage chance of winning will be much greater than if you play on a low RTP slot machine.

How to identify high RTP slots

here are several ways to identify high RTP slots, all of which are key to successful time gambling on slot machines.

Firstly, be sure to scan message boards and review platforms for feedback on different slot games. There will be some that are known for their poor returns, and this will be easily seen by checking reviews. Secondly, use some form of slot tracking tool to have a look at the data from real spins made by other players, to understand the real RTP of a slot. A tool such as is a great place to start.

Finally, doing a little bit of digging into game developers can also be a lucrative use of time. Certain developers will often put out consistently higher RTP games than others, which helps you know which slot machines to stick with.

Close up image of the reels on a Slot Machine

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