eFootball 2022: 3 tips for beginners

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Konami’s eFootball 2022 has recovered from its poor start. The online mode Dream Team was introduced, but it is not easy for new players to understand it. Konami has once again made life difficult for players. But this should only make it more interesting for true fans of the game. And once you get the hang of it, you can follow eFootball tournaments and bet on GGbet to add to the excitement of watching tournaments.

We have played eFootball 2022 and are ready to explain the most important elements of the game. Let’s get started!

3 eFootball 2022 tips for beginners

Choosing a coach and team style is the first step in Dream Team

Head coaches are no longer tied to eFootball 2022 schemes, but they have new characteristics. The price of top coaches reaches half a million GP, but it does not make sense to buy them at the beginning.

The main aspect of coaching is the indicator of your chosen team style, which determines the tactics on the field. A coach with style 70 will be enough for good chemistry – he costs 12,000 coins. If you have already spent a lot of money on the roster, a minimum of 65 is enough. A coach with this team style can be bought for 5 000 GP.

The coach must have a bonus! There are several types of bonuses in the game: from a 100% experience increase for all players of a certain age to a 300% boost for certain positions. Keep in mind: the bonus also applies to players who will substitute. So, if you play a scheme with 3 forwards, you can pump 6 players at once along with substitutions.

Transfers were added to eFootball. How to buy players correctly?

The second challenge eFootball 2022 brings is transfers. Buying players appeared in PES for the first time, but the initial excitement is quickly replaced by disappointment. Players cost too much, and your starting budget will only have 250,000 GP. Distribute the coins evenly, but it is better not to spare coins on the strikers and central midfield and defence areas.

When buying players’ cards look at the level of training, speed, special skills and availability of photos (you’ll be with these players for a long time). Sorting by price is the most obvious way to decide what to do. It’s not worth buying players cheaper than 10,000.

Do not forget about the team’s stats. If they are below 50, you will spend extra levels to raise them.

eFootball 2022 gameplay

Yes, you can upgrade cards in eFootball. But you can’t make a superstar out of a weak player

The player level is the key parameter in eFootball 2022. This will tell you how many times you will increase a card’s stats. Each level gives you 2 progress points. Each upgrade increases the amount of experience to get a new level. Remember, the first level does not count!

Upgrading a player is difficult: you need to estimate his initial stats and think through his progression options. But because of the increasing cost of progress points, you can’t figure it out without a calculator. The first 4 boosts are worth 1 point, from 5 to 8 – a whole level (2 points). Further on, it is even harder: for the 9-12th skill levels they ask for 3 points of progress, from 13th to 16th – 4 points for each upgrade. It is very difficult to increase weak parameters.

The best and special cards have only a few levels. Players under nominal contracts do not have them at all – take only those who fit the style of the team.

Good luck on eFootball 2022’s virtual football pitch!

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