Staying safer online: Rules that really work

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Our lives have become much more convenient over the last few decades. And we are talking not about food and goods delivery services (thank God it exists). As we spend a lot of our time on the Internet, life is today more online than offline. It has many perks, of course, but we also have to be careful with regard to safety.

If you want to meet new people who share your interests, you can do it easily on online forums. Do you want to find a partner to share days and nights with? Voilà, there is a huge variety of dating sites to register and start looking for your Mr./Ms. Right. However, things are enjoyable only when they are safe. And safety online, as well as offline, can’t be neglected. 

How to find out if that profile Is fake

If you’re not sure how to identify whether a profile is fake or a real one, then you are not alone. It is becoming more difficult to spot fake profiles as they are being crafted more and more carefully. If we dive into the casual online dating world, we will be astonished by the number of fakes. But no panic; by being attentive, you will be safe. 

There is no reason to doubt online dating because it does work, but it works only for those who know how to stay safe on the Internet. On casual dating sites, you will find thousands of real people who want to go on real dates and start a relationship. All of them have different dating goals, and if you’d like to find a girl tonight for a steamy date or Mr Nice Guy for a loving relationship online, you’ll be as lucky as others. One thing must be remembered – not every user is real on the Internet.

Thanks to “red flags” detected and kindly shared by other users, it has become easier for you to stay safe online while looking for hookups. For example, just by throwing a short look at a profile, your eye may catch such keywords as “royalty,” “rich,” or “self-employed,” which are to be found in the majority of fake profiles. Fakes want to attract attention and use words that they think will spark an interest in a modern single.

Man on a tablet using F-Secure Total

How to keep your personal information safe

Sometimes threat comes from outside, sometimes from inside. By “inside,” we mean that some users jeopardize themselves by sharing their personal information, while a dating profile that requests your private address, for example, raises suspicion, doesn’t it? 

To feel safer online, it is highly recommended to choose platforms that can offer two-factor authentication. This technology helps online dating providers make sure that a registering person is actually a real human. Moreover, there are already more progressive and protective technologies that serve to identify whether a user is real or fake, e.g., 3D face verification and Al-technology. The last one can detect “red flags” before you come across a suspicious account and block/report it to an online dating provider. But should we completely rely on technology to stay safe from malicious ne’er-do-wells online?

F-Secure FREEDOME VPN software keeps you safe online

Is it necessary to use technology for safety?

As it was already mentioned, being a part of the online world has many perks, and the most significant one is time and effort saving. Why should we do something by ourselves if there are already services and technology that can do the same or even better without direct participation? 

Great results can only be achieved with the combo of being attentive and using modern, efficient technologies. This applies to every sphere of the online world, especially those that directly deal with people, like online dating. No compromises. 

While there are certainly real people on the Internet and real users looking for dates online, do not forget to stay attentive and do not jump into the intensive chat right away. Always do some digging to make sure that a profile is free from any signs of being fake.

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