The Film-Noir-inspired cop-adventure game Chicken Police – Paint It Red is coming to retail. It is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The SRP is EUR/USD 19.99 for PC and PS4 and EUR/USD 29.99 for Nintendo Switch.

Release date in US: June 29th, 2021, exclusively via Gamestop

Chicken Police // Announcement Trailer

Chicken Police – Paint It Red features a stunningly peculiar visual style with artistic photo manipulation and lifelike 3D backgrounds. The game convinces with a dark story and satire which recalls the mood and atmosphere inspired by classic film-noir movies of the ’40s. And like all the best noir detective stories, this one feels so gritty and desperate, that it can only be served with a side of cynical humour.

Experience a carefully crafted world, a grim, sinister story, and absurd humour. All mixed up with elements of story-rich adventures and a visual novel-style dialogue system, complete with a complex interrogation mechanic, detective gameplay, and an ever-changing city.

Chicken Police – Paint It Red is published by HandyGames – a proud member of the THQ Nordic family.

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