Chatting with The Lullaby of Life’s, Francisco Lara Sikorski, founder and CEO of 1 Simple Game

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Hey there, fellow gamers! I’m back again, bringing you another cracking Q&A session. This time, we’re diving into the cosmic, musical world of The Lullaby of Life. I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Francisco (Paco) Lara Sikorski, the founder and CEO of 1 Simple Game, and the creative mind behind this unique title.

So, grab a cuppa, settle in, and let’s find out what makes The Lullaby of Life tick, straight from the horse’s mouth!

To kick things off, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your role in the development of The Lullaby of Life?

Hi! My name is Francisco Lara Sikorski. I am the founder and CEO of 1 Simple Game. My background is in Marketing and I started the studio as a spinoff of my digital advertising studio. I love working with a team and creating digital experiences, what better way to do that than creating video games?

What inspired the unique concept of The Lullaby of Life, especially the focus on music and puzzle elements within a cosmic setting?

The idea started in a Global Game Jam where the topic was “waves”. From that idea we came up with the concept of creating life through sound waves, which evolved into The Lullaby of Life, the main premise is to create life through sound.

Developing a game with minimal language and a heavy emphasis on music and visuals must have presented unique challenges. Can you share one or two major hurdles you faced and how you overcame them?

Yes! The concept and flow had to be very straightforward to help the player understand what is going on, so we had to work a lot on the game design and creating visual cues to emphasize the important parts.

The Lullaby of Life gameplay screenshot

Bombo and the Ohmies are central to the game’s experience. How did you go about designing these characters, and what do you hope players feel when interacting with them?

The concept of the game is the creation of life through sound and one of the tenets we used was meditation. When someone meditates, some sounds help to resonate with your body and mind, so we wanted to reflect that with the characters, how with different sounds you can unlock new things and abilities.

Music plays a critical role in the gameplay and narrative. Can you talk about the process of creating the game’s music and how you integrated it into the puzzle mechanics?

Sound and music are an integral part of the game, so since the start we worked with a composer and defined which sound meant what inside the game, we also did research on meditation sounds to combine and make a harmonious mix to give each Ohmie and level its personality and vibe. 

In a recent press release, you mentioned influences from string theory to mandalas. Could you elaborate on how these and possibly other influences shaped the game’s design and storytelling?

Since the main concept of the game was “waves”, we asked ourselves “How do wave sounds affect our life?”. Then we researched and found healing theories on how sound and vibration can affect your health. Also, on the traditional science side, there’s string theory and how time is not linear. There was a very diverse and robust set of concepts, beliefs, and ideas that we wanted to explore in our own way. You can say that this game takes all those principles and represents a new interpretation of how life could have started in the universe.

Gameplay screenshot from The Lullaby of Life

How has the community’s reaction to the game’s demos and previews influenced the final stages of development, if at all?

We have had a great response to the game on how the puzzles are integrated into the universe and how the story and evolution progress. We have evolved several of the visuals, modified some puzzles, and made the levels longer to extend the experience thanks to some of the feedback we have received.

Ben Kvalo highlighted the goal of making impactful change in the industry by uplifting talent in underrepresented communities. How does The Lullaby of Life reflect or contribute to this mission?

We are a Mexican studio, and as such we are not at the top of mind for investors or publishers so it’s hard to find support and good deals on projects. Thanks to this new and open mindset they have at Midwest Games, studios like us have better opportunities to succeed.

Are there any plans for expanding The Lullaby of Life universe post-release, such as DLCs, expansions, or even a sequel?

We would love to expand the story and universe! There is so much to tell and experience! We do have some ideas for possible expansions and even to take the universe to other platforms.

The Lullaby of Life screenshot of gameplay

As developers, do you have a favourite level, puzzle, or musical piece in The Lullaby of Life? What makes it stand out to you personally?

This is a very complex answer since in the studio we have different parts we love about the game. Personally, the level I like most is level 4 and the song that I love is “Whirl” but I do have to say that everything in the game has this mystic and vibrant style that makes it unique. 

What advice would you give to aspiring game developers who want to create something unique and meaningful in the industry?

Each day this industry gets harder and harder, the best way to create something meaningful is to make a balance between what you love doing and what is appealing to the user, this is the most difficult part, but if you achieve that balance, you will have a winning game.

If Bombo could visit any other game universe for a musical crossover adventure, which one would it be and why?

Spore would be a great option, with a vast universe to visit and a lot of new experiences for Bombo.

And that’s a wrap on our insightful chinwag with Francisco Lara Sikorski! From the cosmic vibes to the soothing sound waves, The Lullaby of Life is a testament to the power of music and creativity in gaming. A big thanks to Paco for sharing his journey and thoughts with us. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a newcomer to the gaming world, there’s a slice of inspiration here for everyone. Keep your eyes peeled for more Q&As, and as always, keep on gaming!

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