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There are many forms of entertainment in the world today. We have so many options available on a whole host of platforms. However, nothing rivals the access that mobile phones and the internet bring you. This is how we access streaming services like HBO, Netflix, Amazon, Tidal, among many others. 

When it comes to streaming though, we can sometimes find content we are trying to access restricted, usually with a message about how it is not available in your area. This is called geo-blocking. For instance, if you access Netflix in the US, you will have access to a whole bunch of different content you won’t have seen, but you won’t be able to see any of it if you aren’t in the country.

However, when you use one of the best VPN online, you have the assurance that you’ll fully enjoy all these services and more because they can lift these restrictions. Keep reading to find out how to access exclusive streaming services with a VPN. We’ll also discuss why it is important to use a VPN while accessing streaming services.

VPN infographic of how it works for services like Netflix and to protect against Cyber threats

Why Do You Need a VPN to Enjoy Streaming Services?

Some of the reasons you need a VPN to enjoy streaming services include:

Internet Security 

When aiming for maximum security online, there are many ways to go about it. You can use strong passwords for your online and offline accounts, avoid sharing too much with internet strangers, and close accounts you’re not using.

You could also use a VPN, as its primary reason to exist is to offer protection on the internet. They’ve been created to encrypt your data through secure tunnels accessible only by those to who you’ve granted them permission. So, you can join the millions of people who use VPN services around the globe. This ensures that even while you’re enjoying your streaming services, your data is secure from unsolicited attention. 

Internet Freedom

Censorship is one of the major impediments to the online entertainment scene. Surveillance is also a matter of contention, as some countries are famous for keeping video and audio tabs on their citizens. However, when you change your IP address, it takes your location to a distant server that excludes you from these restrictive policies. 

Online Privacy 

The concept of privacy is different for everyone. Still, we can all agree that there are some basic requirements such as exchanging direct online messages without breach, visiting websites, streaming, and doing other internet activities without undue interference. Remember that while you surf the internet, your IP address is exposed if you aren’t using a VPN. 

So, to maximize your privacy online, even from the websites you visit, get a VPN. Now, you can stream the content you like without worrying about security breaches.

Bypass Internet Service Throttling

Perhaps this phenomenon affects gamers and people streaming sports the most. You see, when your internet service provider detects an extraordinary data consumption from your gadget, they can interfere with the speed, which they do when there’s too much traffic. 

Gamers and sports streamers may notice lag while they use the internet through ISP throttling. It affects internet speed, which is vital for these entertainment options. Bypass internet service throttling by connecting to a VPN server, and enjoy your streaming experiences unmitigated. 

Streaming Netflix on a living room TV, with viewer sticking their feet up on a coffee table

How to Access Streaming Services with VPN

It’s relatively easy to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and even British TV with a VPN. Here’s how you can start the process with a provider like BlufVPN:

Step 1: Get a VPN Provider 

The most important step is to pick a VPN provider. When you’re choosing one, it’s best to consider the encryption method, number of servers, and no-log policy. The number of devices you can connect alongside compatibility should also be given consideration. 

Now, we have reviewed our fair share of VPNs at FULLSYNC, and BlufVPN is a top-rated choice that you can try. It has a reliable money-back guarantee too, in case you find dissatisfaction at any point. 

But first, you need to download the app. If you use an Android or iOS device, downloading and setting up this app will take less than a minute. You can also install it on your MacBook or Windows device.

You’ll also be able to connect your account to a router, which provides protection when you’re streaming with your SmartTV, tablets, and other devices that can connect to the internet.  

Step 2: Setup Your Account

Next, you have to create your account. It’s also straightforward, and the only information BlufVPN will ask at this point is your email address. Then, you’ll choose a strong password to secure your account. 

This is also the stage where you choose a payment plan. You can opt for the bundled plan, which helps you save as much as 80 per cent. So, you’ll pay $72.00 instead of $359.64. There are also other longer or shorter payment options you can choose from. 

Step 3: Connect Your Devices

Technology has made it possible to enjoy streaming services on many devices. There are laptops, TVs, tablets, and other devices you can use to maximize your experience. With BlufVPN, you can connect five devices to your account and access streaming services on the go. 

Step 4: Explore BlufVPN 

Finally, you can explore the unique BlufVPN services. For instance, there’s a feature that allows you to create a favourites list that allows you to easily access your most-frequented servers. 

Then, the kill switch is also available to make your escapades even more secure. When you mistakenly access the internet without turning on your VPN, this feature disconnects your device. The same applies when something obstructs the protection this service provider offers while you surf the internet.

Bottom line 

When you’re looking to access streaming services unmitigated, what you need is a VPN. It guarantees your safety and exciting internet escapades. The world of entertainment is right within your reach, but with the click of the right button!

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