Honestly, I’ve had enough of setting VPN connections up. I work in IT and moving the whole workforce to home-working as seen a massive amount of connections being set-up. So when the opportunity came to review ExpressVPN, I was intrigued, but a little unsure. I mean, why put myself through the hassle on a personal level?

What would I use it for anyway?

Turns out, ExpressVPN ain’t no slacker in the getting set-up department, and the benefits are pretty cool! I’ve been connected to the internet exclusively via VPN for a couple of weeks now, and all of my fears/concerns have been put to rest. ExpressVPN has been a legitimate treat.

ExpressVPN browser

Express is the word

Pardon my French but, holy shit…..

I downloaded the client, clicked “run”, entered my product key and that was it. You hit “connect” and seconds later, you’re securely routing your internet traffic somewhere else. It literally took less than five minutes from start to finish.

I’ve connected to different countries and seen speed variations, but when connecting to UK-based servers I’ve seen no loss in service either.

I anticipated a complex install, with different protocols to choose from, connection to establish and keys to generate etc. None of that! ExpressVPN does all of the hard work. Sure you can tinker a little in the options, but for a quick, secure link to the internet, you could do far worse.

ExpressVPN app not connected

Why bother with a VPN?

It’s a fair question.

The top and bottom of it, though, is security. In a world where cyber threats seem to be more and more prevalent. Safeguarding your browsing online is no bad thing. Create a secure tunnel between your computer and one of Express VPN’s servers, your traffic can’t look at, can’t be intercepted, and most importantly, can’t be taken and manipulated.

Benefits of obscuring your data, and having different IP addresses and numerous, too. Particularly if you like using streaming services. With different countries holding different catalogues, you’re often blocked by your own region. Not with a VPN! ExpressVPN let’s you just choose which country you want to connect to, and you’re then tricking websites into thinking you’re in that region. Unlocking a global catalogue of entertainment in your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriptions!

ExpressVPN pricing

Is Express VPN worth a purchase?

Simply put, if you’re in the market for a VPN client. Yes.

Express VPN is quick and easy. It’s one of the biggest players in the market, and it just works within seconds. I’ve not experienced significant loss of download speed (obviously, the further away you connect, the slower the speeds will be). Install was ridiculously quick, and the price, vs the cost of protection, and the entertainment benefits, alone, is worth it.

It’s worth adding that you should look to go with 12-month subscriptions on these things, just to go cheaper overall. Although, if you just want a month or two, you could just do it per month. Since starting with Express VPN, I’ve used it every day. I use it for gaming, connecting to both my site ninjarefinery.com and here at fullsync.co.uk and I’ve never felt a loss of service or degradation. Furthermore, I’m happier and more confident that nobody else is going to try and capture my details or attack my home IP address.

VPNs are great. ExpressVPN is excellent. It’s that simple.

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