Who’s for an 8-bit inspired workout?

by MaddOx
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If you’re like me, you hate exercise. That is unless it’s done in a competitive manner like how you could beat your friends and family’s high scores using Wii Fit. There is a new gaming-related fitness trend now though and it’s working out to 8-bit music.

Two particular 8-bit workout mixes, conducted by Chris Lawhorn, have recently launched on the Run Hundred website, a workout music database that has regularly been featured in The Huffington Post and Women’s Running. The two workout mixes have been inspired by ’80s video games and the title of the set is 8-Bit Workout Mixes I & II. The first mix consists of exclusively 8-bit music and beats, whereas the second is 8-bit music that is combined with more modern beats.

The great thing about this workout personally is it means rather than working out and thinking “I’m gonna murder someone”, you can jog along thinking you’re starring in Super Mario Brothers. Just don’t eat any mushrooms you find on the floor, as chances are they won’t make you grow, just have the shits instead.

Both mixes are 35 minutes long and if you fancy grabbing them for yourself, they’re currently bundled together for a one-off fee of $10 and can be downloaded by clicking HERE, but feel free to hear samplers first by clicking HERE. All profit from both albums is going to Run Hundred’s charity partners who provide humanitarian aid in each of the 50 United States and 70 countries abroad.

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