Welcome to the Borderlands Part 2 – “You’re cordially invited BITCH!”

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Hello again psychos and raiders, it has been a whole week since our last Borderlands post, so welcome to our second part of the FULLSYNC Borderlands tale; Welcome to the Borderlands Part 2……Which can only mean one thing……. WE’RE ONE WEEK CLOSER TO PLAYING BORDERLANDS 3 AT INSOMNIA 65.

Ok, ok so it may seem that this Borderlands Part 2 piece is very similar to the last, and that’s because this game is very similar in the way it conducts its business, the only differences being; the Hyperion Corporation having the shady as hell (not so) Handsome Jack at the helm, a whole host of disgusting creatures to blow up and a fresh set of vault hunters and two awesome new downloadable characters one of which being the delightful wordsmith that is Kreig.

Be warned guys, if you’re some strange person who has never played there will be SPOILERS afoot! Let’s commence with Welcome to the Borderlands Part 2…

The events of this game are set five years after the original Borderlands, the meany bum Handsome Jack has taken over the Hyperion Corporation and has decided he’s going to be the new feared ruler of Pandora (yikes dude.. chill). Firstly after this dick move, he decides to take credit for finding the vault and killing The Destroyer (big sludge of pudding looking guy with a giant eye)… If like me you spent a lot of time trying to get to this point in the game, you’d also be pretty miffed at him doing this, naughty boy Jack!

Handsome Jack essentially created his own version of the Death Star, but in the shape of an H cause (cue Carly Simon; ‘you’re so vain’). This basically blocks out the moon for the people of Pandora and has some weird big-brother shit going on.

So essentially the game starts with our vault hunters (heros!) on a train which is rudely… Actually a trap and set up to try and kill anyone who tries to reach the vault. The train then crashes and they’re in a snowy tundra wasteland, here we see our old (albeit annoying) friend Clap-trap and the vault hunters are contacted by a mysterious ‘guardian angel’. GAME ON time to kill that son of a gun Jack, firstly we must track down and rescue our predecessors from the original Borderlands game.

This then begins the game, not to ruin it horrendously for anyone yet to play the game but….. Things get mega emotional when we see the demise of some beloved characters, and exactly what ‘Handsome’ Jack is really about and heads up……..He’s just generally not a nice chap!

Main Playable Characters: here is a quick introduction to the main characters in the game.

  • Axton – The Commando
    • Action Skill – Sabre Turret
      • This guy’s pretty sick, he has turrets which he can deploy and recall which can do some serious damage as you work through the game, particularly if you’re faced with a lot of enemies or a big ass monster. This class is perfect if you like explosions and some serious gun play.
  • Maya – The Siren
    • Action Skill – Phaselock
      • Her Phaselock ability can put enemies in a state of equilibrium raised in a giant bubble, this helps control the environment when in battle. Maya is also an epic character to have on your team as she can heal from distance and has some excellent rewards as your work through her skill tree.
  • Salvador – The Gunzerker
    • Action Skill – Gunzerking
      • Salvador is a small native of the planet Pandora who is built like a brick house. His ability allows him to wield two guns at once which is always an advantage in battle, particularly when he goes into a rampage and begins a gun-waving shit-storm. One of his skill trees can increase the damage he causes which also raises his health (not too shabby). Also, he really likes guns.
  • Zer0 The Assassin
    • Action Skill – Decoy
      • Zer0 is interesting in that he can activate a decoy of himself and become invisible to enemies (wish I could do that sometimes). He is particularly good with sniper rifles and his skill tree works on improving his arsenal with enhancements.

DLC Characters: In this game, two extra characters were created and added to play. (more the merrier and all that jazz).

  • Giage The Mechromancer
    • Action Skill – DEATHTRAP
      • Gaige is wicked, she can summon a powerful robot designed for killing, a literal killing machine. Her skill tree development allows for progress for her and also Deathtrap. Then there are the Anarchy stacks which are cool, as you kill enemies your stacks increase which in turn deals more damage, but your accuracy is seriously compromised, “accuracy is overrated anyway”.
  • Kreig The Psycho
    • Action Skill – Rampage
      • Kreig is a hilarious politically incorrect ex bandit. When his action skill is activated he goes into a frenzy with his buzz axe which can deal 500% melee damage (ouch), the kills he makes using his skill increase his health. Most of his skills increase his overall weapon damage which isn’t a bad shout!

In fairness there isn’t a bad character or one who would be better than others, I have personally played as Maya and Gaige, preferring the latter but that’s just my personal taste and dude she has a huge fucking robot!

There are also many non-playable characters who are equally as fun, yet I will not bore you with all the details, we see the return of Tannis, Mad Moxxi and her dim but loveable son Scooter, and we also meet some new faces such as Scooters sister Ellie, Sir Hammerlock and by far a fan favourite Tiny Tina who is a thirteen-year-old explosives expert and an all-round leg-end!!

Borderlands 2 logo

So that brings an end to our Welcome to the Borderlands Part 2 piece, which hopefully gave you a brief low down on the sitch… We will be back next week with another article for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Until then why not check out Borderlands 3 and get your excites on like us, alternatively catch a riddeeee to our website to check out some other features and gaming news.


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