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Team Russia persevered and fought their way to a thrilling triumph at the PUBG Nations Cup 2019 in front of a sold-out crowd gathered in Jangchung Arena. The PUBG Corporation-hosted event was an international tournament that featured 16 select teams of the world’s best professional players, all competing for a piece of the $500,000 prize pool. The three days of competition brought some spectacular battle royale moments to the global stage.

The win wasn’t so much surprising as it was unheralded, with the Russian team closing the gap and overtaking the dominant and favoured Team South Korea in the final match of the tournament. South Korea’s team had built an early lead by garnering a blistering 39 kills on Day One and 21 kills on Day Two of the competition for a commanding 26 overall point lead. Yet through it all, Team South Korea had yet to earn a “Chicken Dinner” and the points that would’ve come with just one of those match victories could have spelt a different ending to their story. 

Team Russia stayed consistent on Day Three, capturing a win in the third match and following that up with a nail-biting second-place finish. The fifth and final match saw Russia’s last and best chance to catch South Korea when Team South Korea’s top player fell early. Team Russia pounced to notch just enough points to pass the leaders. The fifth match of Day Three saw Team Germany fight bravely to win the last battle, but Russia’s sustained effort ultimately won the war, and with it, the 2019 Nations Cup.

Jake Sin, Director of Central Esports for PUBG Corporation stated;

PUBG Nations Cup embodied the spirit of international competition, which allowed some of the best PUBG players in the world to come together and represent something more than themselves. Ultimately, Russia battled their way to the top and it was a pleasure watching them get there, PUBG Nations Cup proved to be a great exclamation point to the end of an exciting summer of PUBG Esports and we’re now looking forward to seeing everyone compete in Phase 3 and at the PUBG Global Championship.

In addition to the regional leagues running during PUBG Esports’ Phase 3, players and fans can now shift their focus to the biggest event in competitive PUBG, the PUBG Global Championship 2019. Announced at PUBG Nations Cup, the PUBG Global Championship is a three-week event comprised of a Group Stage on Nov. 8-10 and a Semifinal Stage on Nov. 15-17, both of which will be held in Los Angeles, CA. The competition will culminate at the Grand Finals on Nov. 23-24 in Oakland, CA. The event should provide a thrilling end to the 2019 season of PUBG Esports, as 32 teams come together to compete for a $2,000,000 prize pool and the title of PUBG Global Champion.

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