SCUF Nomad iPhone Controller announced for gaming on the go

by Ben Enos
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SCUF Gaming (Nasdaq: CRSR) proudly announces the launch of the SCUF Nomad, a Bluetooth controller tailored for mobile gaming and designed specifically for iPhone® devices. Bringing SCUF’s renowned performance features and ergonomic design to mobile gaming, the SCUF Nomad offers a superior and portable gaming experience.

Building on years of expertise in creating top-tier controllers for console and PC gamers, SCUF has designed the Nomad to deliver a premium gaming experience on the go. “The Nomad’s contoured grips and full-size triggers draw inspiration from our innovative paddle controllers, adapted for mobile,” said Jake Tenorio, Director of Product Marketing at SCUF Gaming. “Many mobile controllers neglect comfort, which impacts both performance and playtime. Our design philosophy focuses on ergonomics, which is immediately noticeable when holding the Nomad.”

The SCUF Nomad features full-sized thumbsticks for precise control and accuracy, utilising anti-drift Hall effect technology for consistent performance. The thoughtfully placed thumbsticks and two rear paddles—a patented SCUF innovation—enhance speed and control while reducing hand strain. This setup allows gamers to use thumbsticks and paddles simultaneously, offering a professional-level gaming experience across all platforms.

SCUF Gaming Nomad Controller

Accompanying the new SCUF controller is a free iOS companion app, requiring no subscription. The app allows users to access and play popular games such as CoD easily: Mobile, Roblox, and NBA 2K, launch games from the App Store and Remote Play apps, and create customisable controller profiles. Players can adjust trigger sensitivity, thumbstick responsiveness, and remap buttons, assign profiles to games, and share them with friends. The app also simplifies capturing and sharing gameplay highlights, making it easy to showcase gaming prowess.

“As gaming evolves, SCUF is committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance gamers’ performance and enjoyment across all platforms,” Tenorio continued. “Mobile gaming is an exciting new category for SCUF, reflecting the industry’s rapid convergence across mobile, console, and PC. With the SCUF Nomad priced at $99 MSRP, more gamers can experience the benefits of a SCUF controller. We’re excited to bring our expertise to the mobile gaming community.”

SCUF Nomad: Pricing, compatibility, and availability

The SCUF Nomad is available for preorder online starting May 30, 2024, at $99.99, with availability in select retailers this summer. The controller is compatible with iOS 16+ and launches in black, with additional colours and customisation options to follow.

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