Elyon – New Trailer and Korean Release Date Revealed

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Publisher Kakao Games, known in the west for Black Desert Online, and development collective KRAFTON, Inc. of TERA and PUBG fame announced the Korean release date of Elyon during a media showcase that also saw the debut of a new trailer. 

The unveiling of the new trailer was done during the online Elyon Media Showcase. During the presentation, producer Kim Hyung-Joon highlighted some of the key features of the game which is looking to really hone in on the essentials of the MMO genre. In particular, Elyon focused on in-depth character customization via skills so that no character will fight the exact same way using the full action combat system the game is launching with.

On top of that, the game will also focus on Guild-driven conflicts between players fighting for control of the Elyon portal. Faction conflict and player-driven wars are at the heart of the game as was also shown in the new trailer. Players will swear allegiance not only to their guild but also to one of two factions; Ontari or Vulpin. 

The game has not received a release date for launch outside of Asia but is scheduled to be serviced by Kakao Games as well for North American and European markets.

About Elyon

Elyon is a new MMORPG from the creators of Tera. Set in a world of magical technology and unlimited potential, the game has it’s player compete in fierce faction wars, take on challenging group combat and features advanced character build options. In the game, no two characters will be the same as players navigate a world full of discovery and uncover the lore behind a mystical world. 

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