CORSAIR unveils exciting new products and partnerships at Computex 2024

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CORSAIR, a leading provider of high-performance gear and technology for gamers, content creators, and PC enthusiasts, has made a significant splash at this year’s Computex with a host of new product announcements and partnerships. From innovative cooling solutions and powerful new PC cases to immersive sim racing equipment and a custom configurator for personalised gaming setups, CORSAIR continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming and PC-building world.

Revolutionary cooling solutions and advanced PC cases

At Computex 2024, CORSAIR showcased its latest advancements in cooling technology and PC cases, catering to both novice and experienced builders. The new range of CORSAIR fans, including the LX RGB and RX MAX Series, combines high performance with striking aesthetics. The LX RGB fans feature dual RGB light loops, providing excellent cooling performance and a mesmerising light show. For those prioritising performance, the 30mm-thick RX MAX fans offer enhanced airflow and ultra-quiet operation, available in both RGB and non-RGB versions.

Adding to their impressive cooling lineup, the iCUE LINK TITAN Series CPU coolers leverage the cutting-edge FlowDrive cooling engine. This engine, powered by a three-phase motor and a precision-engineered cold plate, maximises CPU contact for optimal cooling. The high-performance RX RGB fans ensure efficient heat dispersion, complemented by a vivid RGB pump cap for a visually striking setup. The new CapSwap Modules, compatible with all iCUE LINK coolers, allow users to easily upgrade the look or functionality of their cooler, adding customisation options that include unique designs and additional cooling for motherboard components.

The manufacturer also introduced two versatile PC cases – the 3500X and the 9000D RGB AIRFLOW. The 3500X features a stunning wraparound tempered glass design and supports large GPUs and motherboards up to EATX. It also supports ASUS BTF and MSI PROJECT ZERO setups for a clean, cable-free look. The 9000D RGB AIRFLOW, building on the legacy of the 1000D, offers a super-tower case with the patent-pending InfiniRail™ system, allowing flexible fan positioning for targeted airflow. The included iCUE LINK System Hub ensures streamlined connections for even the most ambitious builds.


Sim Racing innovations

CORSAIR unveiled a prototype modular sim racing cockpit in an exciting move for sim racing enthusiasts. This innovative cockpit features a robust steel frame designed to withstand the rigours of high-torque wheelbases and heavy-duty pedal sets, minimising flex and maximising stability. The cockpit’s adjustability allows users to switch between a semi-reclined open wheel-style position, ideal for Formula racing, and a more upright GT-style position for touring and street racers. This adaptability ensures a premium racing experience, catering to a diverse range of racing preferences.

CORSAIR Sim Racing rig

Customisation with CORSAIR Custom Lab

Recognising the importance of personalisation in the gaming community, CORSAIR launched the CORSAIR Custom Lab. This new configurator allows gamers to create setups that reflect their unique styles. Users can customise a variety of peripherals, from adding a splash of colour to mouse buttons to selecting from a range of design motifs for keyboards and mouse pads. The Custom Lab ensures that every creation is built to withstand intense gaming sessions while retaining its customised look.

“Today, a setup is not just about performance; it’s an extension of the player and their personality. At CORSAIR, we understand our community deserves peripherals that meet their gaming needs and the high standards they expect from us, while also matching their style,” said Thi La, President and COO at CORSAIR.

CORSAIR Custom Labs Mouse

Partnership with GIGABYTE for immersive lighting

In addition to new products, CORSAIR announced a partnership with GIGABYTE, integrating CORSAIR iCUE lighting control software with GIGABYTE’s Control Center. This collaboration allows for seamless lighting synchronisation across compatible CORSAIR and GIGABYTE products, enhancing the immersive experience for users. This partnership further expands CORSAIR’s ecosystem, which already includes support for ASUS, MSI, Philips Hue, Nanoleaf, and Govee hardware.

CORSAIR iCUE lighting control software screenshot

With these innovative products and strategic partnerships, CORSAIR continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing high-performance, customisable, and immersive experiences for gamers and PC enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to build a powerful new PC, enhance your gaming setup with personalised gear, or dive into the world of sim racing, CORSAIR’s latest offerings at Computex 2024 have something for everyone.

For detailed information on all of the new products unveiled at Computex, visit CORSAIR’s Computex page.

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