Titanfall or Titanrise? Could 2023 be the rebirth of the game?

by Ben Kirby
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It’s 2023 and honestly, despite best efforts it’s hard to find anything significant to write about Titanfall 2.

To be clear, it’s one of my top 10 all-time favourite games and one of, if not, the best FPS campaign in the past 10+ years. Finding a good cause to write about Titanfall in any way is always in the back of my mind.

Short of the Reddit community slowly losing its mind and showing signs of complete insanity regarding Titanfall 3, it’s been slim pickings.

Sure, Respawn made a statement a while ago that Titanfall 3 was in production. Then it was rolled back, because of the success of Apex Legends.

Since then, the game has been plagued with server issues and a drought of content updates or support.

Titanfall 2 - New modes find a game page

The Janitor

A few weeks ago, in August, players started to see some subtle changes.

A new game mode, server issues resolved, and private matches are no longer listed as “Beta”.


So, without any hint of support from official Respawn channels. The community assumed that there was a janitor there doing a bit of bug fixing on his break or something.

Titanfall 2 was seeing some love and support, but everyone was so burned out from the server issues there was no way we’d believe it was on purpose by the team at Respawn.

The game is playable again, it has a couple of new modes and everything is good!

Of course, there’s always the party line about how much the company love the world of Titanfall etc etc. But we’re all burned out on reneged promises and a massive focus on Apex Legends.

Titanfall 2 - Gen2 Titan customisation page

Mystery abounds

Now, there have been some map fixes. Each area fixed has a “Nessie” plushie placed there. The Nessie is an Easter egg item to find in Apex Legends.


So now there are fixes taking place and Easter eggs being planted. Why?

Well…..nobody knows. But, to further add fuel to conspiracy fires, the current Apex Legends season launched one month ago, right around the same time those little Nessies and their map fixes started appearing in Titanfall 2.

The name of the new season? Resurrection.

In the most recent Resurrection patch notes, Respawn ended with this teaser: “Incoming Transmission… Subject: Nessie… 1394521200, 1477638000, 1549267200.”

Those three numbers are the Unix timestamps representing the respective release dates for Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

Titanfall 2 - Good times game ranking

Prepare for Titanfall disappointment

I suspect this is Respawn trying to drive more engagement with Apex Legends somehow. Seeing reports that it isn’t doing as well financially these days, they have to take some action.

In fact, I would put money on it being for Apex or some other in-universe game that isn’t Titanfall 3.

Ever the cynic. I just don’t trust that Respawn has cared enough about the Titanfall 2 community to do anything significant for them.

So, whilst hopes are high, expectations are low.

About Titanfall 2

The gaming community and critics alike showered Titanfall 2 with praise. Its single-player campaign, marked by exceptional level design, garnered widespread acclaim. Meanwhile, the multiplayer gameplay saw improvements that addressed the concerns of the first instalment.

This is reflected in its impressive Metacritic scores, hovering around 89/100 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, with slightly lower scores for the PC release.

Titanfall 2 faced stiff competition during its release window, which initially impacted sales. However, its exceptional quality did not go unnoticed. Over time, the game cultivated a dedicated fan base, securing its position as an underrated gem in the first-person shooter genre.

Support from Respawn has dwindled since Apex Legends was released, and honestly, it’s been gutting. They went from a high note with Titanfall 2 to abandoning their community to the point of dismay. Recent events are puzzling at best.

Seeing the concurrent players jump from circa 4000 to 14000 is amazing, and matchmaking has been slick again! Although I definitely need to shake off the rust!

Titanfall 2 artwork

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