How to decorate the ultimate gamer cave

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Gaming is best done in perfect condition. All gamers dream of a room where they can sit for hours and play games, with the perfect setup and no distractions. There are a few things you should have to make the ultimate gaming cave. This is not only your machine and its processor but also decor, lights, and other things to make it perfect. 


One things that many gamers have are collectable figurines and objects from their favourite games. It doesn’t even have to be game related, it can be stuff relating to your favourite shows, movies and more, but it all creates the ultimate gamer room that is personalised to you. In mine, for example, I have lego models I’ve built of Grogu from the Mandolorian and Liverpool’s Anfield stadium.

Amazing wall art

The best way to make a great gamer cave is to pay attention to the details. Make sure to add all the little things that make this room special and stand out from the other rooms in your home. One way to do this is by adding wall art. There is a lot of cool wall art out there that can fit perfectly in a gaming room. 

What about a poster of your favourite game characters? Or a scene from the game you like the most? Wall art is in many ways a finishing element that can help pull a space together and make it feel complete. It can also help you make the room in your preferred style so that you will want to spend hours there!

Gamer Posters on a wall

Awesome lights 

Having a good gamer cave is all about creating good vibes, those are the best to play in. There are many ways to do so, for example by getting some cool lights. LED strips have become very popular lately, and many add them to their space to be able to create the ambience they want. 

The great thing about these lights is that you can play with their colours, and light up the room however you want. Some LED strips even allow you to sync the light flow with your game so that it matches the scenes you are playing at the moment. 

A good gaming setup

The actual gaming setup is of course important, as this is where you will play your games. It is actually proven that gaming can be good for mental health, so investing in good gaming equipment can actually be very smart. 

There are a lot of computers you can game on, with keyboards and a mouse that follows. Make sure to also get a good and comfortable chair. This not only looks good in your room, but it makes sure you can sit comfortably all day and night long and be able to play for hours. 

Online Gaming on a PC - Selection of video games

A cool mini fridge

If you really want to create a place that is perfect for gaming, then why not add a mini fridge? Here you can store cold drinks for yourself and all your gamer friends. It is always nice to have some sodas or energy drinks to keep you hydrated while gaming, and it adds to the whole experience. You can get mini fridges that are so small they fit under your desk or in the corner of your room. 

A cool gaming bed?

Especially when you are gaming for long periods of time, comfort is incredibly important. From the equipment you use to where you relax when playing games. And whilst this isn’t necessary, you can’t argue this wouldn’t be cool. A whole gamer bed set-up designed around your gaming rig. Just look at this picture and tell me you don’t want one of these now you know they exist.

Gaming Bed ideal for a gamer cave

Try adding these things to your room and see how it will transform into the perfect gaming cave!

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