Should Reeves use the Arkham games for inspiration when picking his next villain?

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After the resounding success of The Batman, talk has already switched to Matt Reeves’ next instalment and the characters that could appear in it. The Riddler’s story was wrapped up, but there’s a chance Paul Dano could return in a minor role. The question is, which other villains would fit in this dark and gritty world and could the Batman Arkham games be an inspiration?

When contemplating who to include in his second Batman offering, Reeves will doubtlessly be looking at a lot of source material for inspiration. One place that could provide some ideas is the hugely popular Batman: Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios. These are the best Batman games ever made – even better than the Telltale Games offerings that we loved here at Fullsync – and they brought about some unique iterations of much-loved characters.

Reeves wants to subvert traditional tropes

The outstanding achievement of The Batman was that it allowed viewers to see classic and beloved characters in a new light. According to an infographic from ExpressVPN, certain Batman villains have such iconic disguises that everyone knows them. For instance, the Penguin usually has a tuxedo and monocle, while the Joker is often seen in a purple suit with a green vest.

In The Batman, certain characters like Catwoman and the Caped Crusader himself were dressed in their traditional attire. However, the Riddler appeared in a brand-new costume that made him much more sinister than the past comically orientated-iterations. Audiences loved Dano’s disturbing take on the tricky villain and will be hoping for more of the same in the next offering. This bold decision highlighted how Batman villains can be attired and depicted in new ways, as long as their core personality features stay true to the original characters from the comic books.

Paul Dano as The Riddler in The Batman but could the next villain be taken from the Arkham series?

Mr. Freeze Could be the Perfect Choice

After rebranding the Riddler, Reeves could turn his attention to another villain that was previously portrayed in a more comedic fashion on the big screen. Arnold Schwarzenegger played Mr Freeze in Batman & Robin in 1997, but The Things notes how both the movie and the character flopped.

The ice-cold villain was a great inclusion in the Arkham games, and he was so popular that he appeared in Arkham Origins, Arkham City, Arkham Asylum, and Arkham Knight. He was slightly more realistic in these titles and used hi-tech weaponry. Reeves could easily expand on this further, perhaps making him even more chilling but also more true-to-life.

Professor Pyg

Carrying on from the crazed serial killer theme of The Batman, Reeves could opt to explore a lesser-known character like Professor Pyg. The previously gifted scientist had a schizophrenic breakdown and then formed a murderous group known as the Circus of Strange. The insane bad guy would fit perfectly with the horrific feel of Reeves’ Batman world.

The villain known as Lazlo Valentin only made a brief appearance in the Arkham series, but his inclusion lived long in the memory of players. He featured in The Perfect Crime storyline, where Batman stumbled across Pyg conducting experiments on prisoners in his Monster Machine.

Not only does Pyg use dangerous weapons like knives and cleavers, but he also sings unsettling opera songs while battling Batman. The mission introduced a horror element to Arkham Knight and underlined how dark the underbelly of Gotham City can be. This character would fit well in Reeves’ twisted vision of Gotham City.

Fortress of Solitude claims that Two Face will be the next villain in Reeves’ series, and the writer could well be right as this is a much-loved antagonist. However, there are plenty of other options, and the Arkham games could be influential in helping Reeves towards his decision.

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