Friday, Tri-Heart Interactive excitedly to announced that their action-packed multiplayer, The Otterman Empire, was available on Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox; with Steam already remote play compatible and online co-op coming soon to console. The Otterman Empire offers a unique blend of campaign, collaboration and competition proudly developed with a large dedicated community of gamers to ensure perfect party playability for all. 

Select your otter, choose your jetpack, load your water gun – and then customize it all! Challenge your friends in explosive and frenzied two-minute rounds, each with randomly-generated objectives and supply drops to keep you on your paws. Team up or fly solo to stop the otterly evil Tiko and his deranged creations from destroying all of otterspace!

Proud to be a community-driven game, developers, Tri-Heart Interactive has worked closely with a thriving community both online and offline from the outset. Their close work with players helped polish a well-rounded, family-friendly multiplayer with a nostalgic split-screen twist. 

After three years in development, three different offices and thousands of players giving us their first-hand feedback, The Otterman Empire is here! We set out to create a community-driven, shared experience from the outset and we’re delighted to be delivering. Our team is incredibly excited for everyone to dive into otter space! 

Tri-Heart Interactive Managing Director, Kieran Rogers

The Otterman Empire Features 

  • Unique combination of competition and collaboration modes which deliver a range of challenges with unpredictable outcomes. 
  • Team up with up to four players in a chaotic, couch co-op campaign or test your friendship and go ‘t.o.e to t.o.e’ in our competitive, versus mode!  
  • Quick-fire two- minute rounds packed with environmental hazards designed to create otter chaos.  
  • Eight dynamic multiplayer modes including the fast-paced, Squiditch, explosive Detonator and sharp-shooting Target Practice.  
  • Eight lush and detailed planets including the huge volcanic base station, Fishmonger Base, the technological playground, Ottopolis and the beautiful overgrown temples of Lontra.  

The Otterman Empire is available now on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 
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