Darkness Rises Leaps into Summer Today

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Darkness RisesNexon’s third-person action role-playing game (RPG) for iOS and Android enjoyed by over 23 million players, is celebrating its two-year anniversary with a variety of major updates, live now.

The fight between human and orcs wages on. Celebrating its 2nd anniversary, Darkness Rises boasts over 35 million characters created, 2.4 million quests completed and much more through a 2nd Anniversary Infographic video celebrating the growing success of the game.

The Guardian, a mercenary who was once an elite knight in the world of Darkness Rises, is only part of of the new action-packed content introduced in the two-year anniversary update:

  • New Character: The Guardian is the newest character who deals damage to enemies with his gunlance and shield, with both melee attacks and long range magic cannons. The Guardian is also an integral part of team play, combining his unique damage-dealing capabilities with valuable healing skills to help keep teammates in the battle.
  • Character Improvements: As part of an ongoing effort to improve the gameplay experience based on player feedback, several improvements will be made for the Wizard character. These include increasing damage to certain skills while adding attack speed buffs to others. Utilizing these improved skills during combo attacks will greatly improve the Wizard’s capabilities during battle.
  • Celebration Rewards: Now through August 2, players will automatically collect the special second year anniversary one-time award of 2,000 gems. In addition, five types of second year anniversary celebration boxes allow players to gain rewards such as gems, costume boxes, pet eggs, and gear boxes. In addition, all players will be rewarded with specially designed costume decorations to celebrate the second year anniversary.

The update also features a new S++ costume – Imperial III – for all characters within the game, including: Archer, Assassin, Berserker, Guardian, Warrior, Witch and Wizard.

To join in on the anniversary festivities, download the game for iOS or Android. For more information on Darkness Rises, visit: dr.nexon.com.

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